Reader Reports Chicken + Whiskey Opens Tuesday in Logan Circle!

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2017 at 10:25 am 13 Comments

1738 14th Street, NW at S Street

xtian tweets us:

“randomly strolling down 14th street and got handed a free chicken dinner for two at Chicken + Whisky. opening *next Tuesday”

Sounds like I need to start randomly strolling down 14th Street ASAP!! Stay tuned for more.

  • Hill Denizen

    Soooo, if you’re saying this out loud, would you say “chicken plus whiskey,” “chicken and whiskey,” or “chicken whiskey.” I’m very confused.

    • MadMax


    • ryan2499

      This question makes me think of “Spider’s” from “Crazy ex-Girlfriend” where the apostrophe changes from Spiders’ to Spider’s and they can never clarify it LOL.

      That said – I agree an ampersand would have been more clear unless the owners have a specific reason for the + sign.

    • jaybird

      The website is chickenandwhiskey.com. its on the window.

    • DCRunner

      I happened by last night and got a free chicken dinner, so maybe I’m biased, but: Very confused? Lol. It’s fine, although I might start calling it Chiskey.
      FWIW, the chicken was very tasty. I heard the guy giving it out say (I think) that there was a whiskey bar in the front and then the chicken beyond that.

  • jes

    How funny would it be if Chicken + Whiskey didn’t sell chicken or whiskey? “Welcome to Chicken + Whiskey, where we specialize in beef and vodka.”

    • LenskiBucher

      This is a good joke.

  • Dude

    Of course the name is another X and Y, but at least they were original enough to use a plus sign instead of an ampersand.

    • LenskiBucher

      …and it accurately communicates what the sell as opposed to, say, Creativity & Feelings & Leather Clouds.

  • Joshua

    Sounds good, but the fried chicken gets soggy after they soak it in Jim Beam.

    • CP

      I do not see the problem with this. Do you?

  • anon

    Anyone else remember when this was a gym with gross blobs of fat in front that it used as part of a cold sales pitch? Come a long way.

  • Fwee stweet chicken does sound whiskey.


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