Washington, DC

1701 Corcoran Street, NW

A liquor license placard has been posted at the 17th Street Safeway in Dupont:

“New Class “B” full-service grocery store selling beer and wine.”

And this email from an ANC Commissioner on the Dupont listserv has been causing me incredible agita. Please join me in this discomfort:

“Safeway is undergoing a badly needed renovation and has applied to the DC government for a permit to sell beer and wine. I have been talking to neighbors and many oppose the sale of beer and wine at Safeway.

The main concern is that the store is small and beer and wine will take space otherwise available for groceries. They have found 80 linear feet for beer and wine.

Neighbors want to preserve the 17th St. village and are supportive of the family businesses who run local liquor outlets. We already have plenty of options for beer and wine.

Parents occasionally send their children to buy groceries at this store and they don’t want to expose them to an environment where alcohol is being sold.

The ANC meets next Wednesday [Ed. Note: tomorrow] to consider this issue. (7 pm, 1775 Mass. Ave.) It can support or oppose Safeway’s proposal and its views must be given ‘great weight’ by ABRA. They also have a leading role in negotiating any settlement agreement with Safeway so it’s important that they hear residents’ views. A big turnout at the Wednesday meeting would be great.”


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