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Scuttlebutt: Another DC Wawa will be heading to Chinatown!

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2017 at 11:15 am 19 Comments

7th Street, NW just north of H

When it rains scuttlebutt it pours scuttlebutt! Another source with an incredibly high percentage of being right tells me that one of DC’s Wawa is coming to the space between Fado and Starbucks in Chinatown. S/He also confirms that one is coming to the former Tortilla Coast space in Logan Circle. They will join the one coming to 19th Street in the former City Sports space. And I got one more for ya too – STAY TUNED.

  • Philly born and raised

    Holy moly the one in the former Tortilla Coast spot will do gangbusters

  • PoPOverWork

    NoMa NoMa NoMa NoMa.

  • cfd217

    Not trying to be negative but why are people excited about this? I’m an NJ native and familiar w Wawa. Isn’t this like getting pumped about a 7/11 moving in?

    • DC

      I liken it to more of a CVS + Jersey Mike’s hybrid. Vastly convenient. Also, if you grew up with one it definitely holds nostalgia.

  • jch

    PoP – I expect a full breakdown of all their locations tonight (post Newseum event!) Hoping for something close to cap hill / h st.

  • CHSC

    I have never been to a Wawa and have no interest. Personally sad that’s what’s coming to 15 and P.

    • Rich

      Because we need more overpriced mediocrity around there? Some affordable quick service would be the right addition.

      • CHSC

        I was just hoping for something more community minded. Like another gay bar or such. :)

      • DC

        Yeah. If ONLY there were sit-down options on/around 14th Street!

        • kd21

          Totally! Chipotle, Sweetgreen, Maki Shop, Shake Shack, Popeyes, 7-11, Yum’s, and Whole Foods’ prepared foods just don’t scratch my affordable quick service itch.

          • @kd21

            What would you have preferred then? It’s a prime corner location zoned ARTS-3 in a busy corridor with a lot of foot-traffic. Seems to be ideal for that type of thing. I’m not sure another bar (community minded?) is the answer either.

          • CHSC

            In reply to your 12:12 post (there was no “reply” button for some technical reason that eludes me):

            I’ve already stated what I would prefer. Was very specific to use the word “personally” in my first post. I think the gap between a bar/restaurant and some other arts space is large and unfortunately the rent is likely the barrier there as we all know.

            I can understand pushback to my idea though! Certainly plenty of bars. Just seems preferable to a Wawa.

          • Joshua

            A place to grab a quick sandwich is definitely needed in the neighborhood. There’s a limited number of good places to grab a quick lunch in the area. One can only eat so much Shake Shack, Popeyes, Chipotle, Sweetgreen and Whole Foods.

          • Rich

            7-11 = inedible, except for the donuts; Shake Shack = overpriced and overrated (and that’s the next place I expect to close); Sweetgreen = hipster bait and not cheap; WF = overpriced for what it is; not difficult to identify a niche for Wawa. It’s not greasy pseudo Chinese or past it’s prime chicken, either.

      • MadMax

        I would wait until you see what the DC prices will actually be for gas-station-sandwiches (without the gas pumps) before commenting on other places being overpriced.

  • shelly Nuessle

    Navy Yard area… PLEASEEEEEEEE


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