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  • ryan2499

    A long time fave of mine on 1st St.

  • Nathan

    Beautiful house. Vacant for a while though. Someone was outside last weekend though at least keeping up the landscaping.

    • AnonV2

      Unfortunately, it was a DC abatement team because the yard had become so overgrown. The work will be billed back to whoever the current owners are. It’s a shame this property has fallen into such disrepair, it was among my favorite houses in the city and always meticulously maintained. Interior demo work was started like two years ago after it was sold, but I’ve seen zero progress since then.

  • C

    Yeah definitely one of my favorite houses in the city. I can’t believe someone would let this happen to this house. Anyone know the exact address?

  • Bloomy

    aren’t there permits posted in the windows for a rebuild?


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