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Heads Up: Concert Ticket Scam

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2017 at 12:30 pm 7 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Wanted to drop a line about a “new” ticket scam similar to the one in October.

I got duped myself, after buying 4 tickets to the upcoming U2 show. Fortunately, I was able to trick the scammer by posing as another buyer before cornering him and demanding my money back, but there are multiple posts on Craigslist by this same outfit.

I suspected they were fake and did some research after I bought them. They looked identical to the fake Adele tickets. Also, after some research, I discovered that all the GA tickets to the U2 show are “paperless”, meaning you never get a ticket, you swipe the credit card that you bought the tickets with and then show an ID.

I created a fake email address and solicited them for more tickets on the same Craigslist post. Went with a friend and the same guy tried to sell us the same tickets with the same barcode. I asked for my money back and for some reason he gave me my cash back, but using different bills. Must have meant he already got someone else.

Just dropping a line as a warning to others before more folks are duped. This is the one I responded to, but there are a few others floating around that look pretty similar to this one.”

  • GBinCH

    Contact the police. They can, and do, set up stings where they respond to ads like this and then arrest the person involved.

    • Marty

      MPD? ha! this seems far above their ability level.

  • hungeegirl

    I’m glad you got your money back, but you should have called the cops

  • use the lighter trick to see if the tickets are real – real tickets will turn black, fake ones will most likely burn

    • Belinskaya

      Using real ticket stock doesn’t make the tickets real, it just means that there’s a plausible criminal charge for theft to be added to the scammer’s crimes.

  • Joshua

    Who is Carlos Robinson? Does this mean we have the name of the scammer?

  • IGotScammed

    This exact same thing happened to me. The name on the customer receipt was Carlos Anderson. The guy I met was in his early 20s and wanted to meet in Georgetown. I bought tickets for a football game on New Years day and they turned out to be fake….not a great start to the year. He used a burner phone so that I couldn’t call or text him after we made the exchange. I notified a cop as I was leaving the stadium, but he said there wasn’t much they could do. Glad you got your money back. I never did.


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