• Scott

    Federal carried nice brands that were difficult to find in this area, I just think they were a little too niche for most of DC’s population. Visvim, etc are great but it is a very specific group of people that are willing to pay that kind of money for that sort of product. The staff at both shops were always very kind and accommodating, though.

    • DCReggae

      Totally agree, Scott. I really wanted to support them but it was just too expensive for me.

  • C

    They closed two Sundays ago on the 28th officially, and were open for a few hours for friends and family the Monday following. Their lease was up and the owner, Greg, decided to take some time off.

    Just want to send a sincere thank you to Greg for everything he did for skate culture and street fashion in the area, dating back to the Elite Boardshop days at Fair Oaks. Always felt like a family and was always treated as such. You’ll be missed, but we’ll keep the culture alive for you!

    • Tim


  • retropean

    Word, had no clue they had Visvim.

    They didn’t last long @ Mosaic out in Dunn loring either, but I thought that was a rather odd spot to attempt expansion.

    • Bobert

      The market for $800 moccasins isn’t as large as you’d think, eh?

  • Joshua

    That’s too bad. I get the impression that skateboarding is currently experiencing a dip in popularity. Might as well be a rollerblade shop if my perception is correct.

  • H_E_Pennypacker

    Man, skateshops nationwide are taking a hit. I used to buy boards at Palace 5ive, but even i have to admit that I havent been in a while. Comments are generally right about Federal, waaaay to pricey – but really cool stuff. RIP.


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