Checkin’ on Chix – Not Looking Good for 14th Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 12, 2017 at 10:25 am 15 Comments

1121 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’m hoping you can help resolve my confusion over what’s happening at Chix’s 14th Street location. I went there to grab dinner at 8pm on Thursday night (they close at 9:30), but the lights were off and the doors were locked (sorry – forgot to take a pic). However, there was no sign explaining what was up, nor were there any updates to their website, FB page, or Twitter feed. They appear to have been closed ever since. I’ve tried calling both that location and the Navy Yard restaurant and emailed them as well, but I haven’t received an answer. Anyone know what’s going on? I really hope the closure isn’t permanent!”

Ed. Note: Chix’s 14th Street location opened back in 2012. Their original 11th Street location closed back in December (now Charcoal Town.) I sent an email to inquire the status of 14th Street and have not yet heard back either. Updates when more is known.

looking north towards Thomas Circle

  • Truxton Thomas

    I miss Chix on 11th, but we just had Charcoal Town the other night and thought it was very good.

  • AJSE

    Granted I’ve only ever walked past during dinner hours but I have never seen anyone in Chix in Navy Yard. Is it busy at lunch? We went once and it was awful so haven’t gone back. I can’t imagine they’ll be around much longer.

    • northeazy

      Ditto–you should never pay for food and think “wow, i can do significantly better than this.”

    • jes

      it’s not busy at lunch, not busy at dinner, not busy before games, etc. With Shake Shack and Chop’t already open and Roti, Rasa, Taylor, and Cava Grill all set to open within a block of it, I can’t imagine they’ll be able to compete in the fast casual market down here…

    • H_E_Pennypacker

      Agree with others. I live in Navy Yard and went here for lunch with colleagues once. It was like eating something that a younger me would cook when “making do” with the ingredients in my fridge.

  • KatD17

    After Saturday’s Nats game on the way to the Metro I noticed the Chix was not opened and (to me at least) looked permanently shut down.

    • Was just tweeted that Navy Yard too is dark right now https://twitter.com/soriano/status/874296124831662080

      • DupontDC

        Yeah I went last week for lunch and the doors were locked. There were people in the kitchen but they signaled they were closed. With the new Chop’d now open around the block, it may be even more difficult for them down here.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I never understood the love for this place. The chicken was fine (slightly better than mediocre, I suppose), but the sides were awful. There are plenty of places to get a much better overall experience. I love to support local, but this place was never really up to snuff. I am surprised they were even able to expand.

  • Rich

    I liked them in the beginning on 11th, but never made them a habit. That stretch of 14th seems not to do well for anything (ditto Vermont). The critical mass of customers is probably below K

    • lizcolleena

      Maybe, but there are a fair amount of office workers in this immediate area. I’m one of them and personally think it’s the quality of options offered, rather than a death of customers. Modern Market is full everyday during the lunch hour, because you can’t find anything else nearby that’s decent and healthy. I miss Juice Joint so much! Don’t get me wrong, Bozzelli’s isn’t bad, but I’m not eating a meatball sandwich more than once a month (and most of my office mates think the same). Zoup, Brown Bag, and ABP do alright but I’m just not a huge fan of chains like that.

  • NW_2_NE

    I worked at the Bureau of Economic Analysis when it was located at 1441 L st. They have since left this location right about the time the Washington Post left the area, mid 2016. These were two large employers in that area and I really think it had a huge impact on the lunch establishments. Juice joint, now Chix, and there have been a few others that have closed doors in the last year. It’s a sad time for the area, but once those building are rebuilt and renovated there should be a lot more action around there. Please don’t let Stan’s or the Post Pub close.

  • Alex

    Heard it from a friend who heard it from an owner that all three locations are now closed, and that said owner plans to take some time off to figure out what’s next. Don’t have any more detail.

    When Chix opened on 11th, I was a huge fan, but expansion, competition and fatigue all took their toll.

  • Anon

    My wife picked up dinner from 14th St. location on Sunday June 4. Nothing seemed amiss. Guess it was basically the last night they were in business.

  • JC

    My roommate was a delivery driver for Chix. He stated that the owner of Chix ran off without paying any of the employees their last paycheck including the delivery persons. There is no tentative re-opening & no communication from the owner.


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