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Charcoal Town, Shawarma, coming to former Chix space next to The Greek Spot

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2017 at 10:30 am 17 Comments

2019 11th Street, NW just north of U Street

Chix closed their 11th Street location after 9 years back in December. Time for Charcoal Town:

The best of Mediterranean food, Steak and chicken Shawarma, Kabob, Falafel. all authentic and special

only @Charcoal Town and for the first time in the US bringing you the most famous middle eastern dish, Shawarma cooked over charcoal.

Check out their menu here.

  • Anonymous

    More Mediterranean food right next to Greek Spot…

  • John

    Very frustrating choice of menu that copies what we already have. We have the incredible “Greek Spot” that supports our neighborhood and has incredible food. Why copy something that is already there and next door? I’ve heard this from many other neighbors, we plan to continue supporting Greek Spot and hope for another style of restaurant in the future.

    • Smittty

      agree. I too will continue to eat a Greek Spot – love that place! annoyed that this place decided to open directly next door. we need something else! I miss Chix. I didn’t absolutely love it but it was something different and reliable.

      • danger dave

        I think that’s an interesting perspective. The cuisine does sound similar, but it is from a totally different country, so I don’t see the big problem. To insinuate they are copying the menu sounds like a rather ignorant thing to say. How many pizza places are there in the city?
        There’s lots of benefits from healthy competition. Another Italian restaurant in Little Italy!? Pat’s vs Gino’s in Philly. Just something to think about.

  • iwdc

    I’m not convinced they have done the requisite research to confirm that this is, in fact, the US’s first shawarma cooked over charcoal.

  • Kosta Greek Spot

    Thank you everyone for the continued support of The Greek Spot! While our neighbors are unfortunately in complete breach of contract with our existing lease, we will nonetheless continue to serve our neighborhood amazing Greek & Mediterranean food, as our family has been doing so for the past 11 years, as well as in DC for the past 55 years. We love our community, customers, and our ability to serve the same traditional, family recipes our family has brought down through generations for over half a century here in the Nations Capitol.

    • danger dave

      Unless it’s the same landlord, I don’t know how there could be a breach of lease. I’d be interested to know.

      • Kosta Greek Spot

        Same landlord.

        • Bobert

          There’s a plethora of lawyers in DC – perhaps someone would take this case on contingency if it’s a clear breach of contract.

          • DG

            I would do it for free gyros.

  • Truxton Thomas

    I think Red Toque does charcoal shawarma a few blocks away. In any case, this is a bit of a bummer because there is an abundance of Middle Eastern fare, including Red Toque nearby and just about every other food truck in town. Chix was a great spot for picking up family dinners. Also, we must have ordered the wrong things from Greek Spot.

  • soozles

    I’ve only recently discovered the Greek Spot. Very excited to know of it. Great place.

  • Margrave of Mt. Vernon

    This is the most flagrant example of false advertising since my case against “The Never Ending Story”.

  • Anon

    I love Greek Spot. They have been a stable member of the neighborhood. I’m glad others think that also.

  • Shaw neighbor

    This place looks great! I am excited to try it. Hope they have quick/reliable delivery. I live in the neighborhood but haven’t ordered from Greek Spot in years. Now I will try both restaurants.

    Competition means both restaurants must bring their “A Game”. We, the customers, benefit!

  • Solomon

    Guys, I am so excited that this place is opening. Shawarma is totally different that gyro. I love gyro and it’s made off ground beef on and cooked over regular fire while shawarma is real healthy chunks of meat cooked over charcoal with awesome middle eastern spices and ingredients.

    Also Falafel and Hummus are very popular dishes made in many countries in the Middle East and other countries. It’s made by different ingredients and spices in each one of those countries. So, I don’t think that it’s a Competition, I feel like it’s just more options of for us to choose when we’re hungry.

    All in all, my friends in the Greek spot; if you’re sure that you provide good food and good service you don’t have to worry about any restaurants opens around you. For my friends in charcoal town, I’ll give your food a try and if I like it , I’ll just add you to one of my daily options to eat.

  • Our main dish (Charcoal Shawarma) is so unique to that level of being provided for first time in the US.
    And still, with the similarity in cuisine name, Mediterranean/middle eastern and Mediterranean/Greek cuisine can provide a wide range of options and we kept that in mind while preparing our menu for legal(Neighbors contract with the landlord) and moral reasons, and no one can accuse us of breaching any contract unless ruled differently in a legal way.

    neighborhood can see the similarities, all based on assumption, but when we open on 5/31 our guests will see (and taste) the differences and how we went to great lengths to ensure that every one still can like both places for their own specialties! We are just adding awesomeness to the awesomeness that already been provided in the neighborhood rather than being a competitor and forcing people to make a choice between one or the other.


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