“Who’s in charge of the bike racks at Union Station?”

by Prince Of Petworth May 5, 2017 at 1:45 pm 10 Comments

bike racks

“Dear PoPville,

I biked to lunch at Union Station today and was kind of appalled by the bike rack options.

There are twenty or so U-shaped bike racks outside the west side of the station (by the Chipotle) — but many of them are loose on their screws, or missing the screws altogether.

A thief could (and probably has) easily lift the rack, slide the locked bike out, and put the rack back in place.

Here’s one example — on the left side, the nuts have been loosened as far as they can go, and could easily be removed — and on the right side, you can see it’s missing the nuts altogether. This rack was super wobbly and you could tilt it so the right end came off the ground completely.

My question: Who’s in charge of the bike racks there? Would it be the people who run Union Station? Or is there some DC municipal bike rack authority who could secure these bike racks in a way that’s, you know, actually secure?”


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