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“Where to get a suit in DC?”

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2017 at 1:15 pm 88 Comments

Photo by Danny Harris from his People’s District post on Georges de Paris.

“Dear PoPville,

Looking for recommendations on best places in the city to get a suit for my upcoming wedding in June. My plan had been Suit Supply in Georgetown, but the experience left me feeling like that wasn’t the place for me. Anyone in popville world have some success stories?”

Ed. Note: You can see some recommendations from 2011 here.

  • PFlyer

    Out of curiosity, what was your experience like at Suit Supply?

    • Admo_Anon

      OP here- it was actually the service. I had made an appointment, but the sales person just did not have the time of day for me. I asked a couple of my fairly basic questions, including whether the styles were all the same or if there were different cuts. To be fair, he was juggling a couple people, but it just left something to be desired, especially since for me at least, it’s not an insignificant amount of money to get a suit made. This was my first time attempting to get a custom suit made, and I ended up just walking out. But a lot of these options look solid.

      • PFlyer

        That’s too bad. I was hopeful about Suit Supply, a good concept, IMHO, but this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard that service is lacking — alternating between sales people who either don’t listen, are too pushy, or are so aloof to the point that they can’t be bothered. But then again, I’ve been spoiled. My recently deceased father was a tailor, trained in The Old Country (Italy).

        • Sooooooooooooooooo Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          My boyfriend bought a suit from Suit Supply last September for a wedding we went to. The first time we went in service was all over the place, but as we were leaving one salesman who had just finished with a customer stopped us and gave us his card and advised days he worked and if we were interested in coming in again, he’d help us. We returned b/c we had a small timeline and hadn’t found much else. We met with that same gentleman and the service was exceptional. We noticed others getting great service as well, but it definitely seemed to depend on who your salesperson was. I can definitely see how it would be hit or miss.

      • Anon

        Honestly, you should try them again – perhaps try to pop-in during a slower time? Their mediocre in-store service is sort of the trade-off for their quality/value pricepoint.

        • PFlyer

          The two preceding posts make good points — one of the things that made me thing about trying Suit Supply is that from what I can tell from what I’ve read, given the quality of their suits, the prices are pretty good.

      • Lee

        You should definitely try them again. Suitsupply is known for their customer service. I have three suits from them. and have had stellar service each time. My bet is you went on a Saturday or other busy time. They do overbook … have to juggle appointment customers and walk ins and their service suffers as a result. If you go during off peak hours I’m certain your experience will be much different. Beyond their service you really can’t beat the price for what you get.

  • anon29

    Geoffrey Lewis. 1433 H Street NW, Washington DC, 20005

  • NWDC

    My husband got his wedding suit from Wm Fox & Co on 1427 G STREET, NW. It’s a father and son team that run the store, and both were really wonderful and helpful (especially the son, Ryan). DH has been back to get several shirts made, sport coats, sweaters, ties, etc. Great service and great quality, and it’s nice to support a local small business.

    • Petworthwhile

      I read this post and jumped to the comments to make the same rec. I cannot second this endorsement strongly enough. Wm Fox & Co is one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had at any type of store. The staff are tremendously knowledgeable, committed to outstanding service, and while the prices aren’t cheap (go to Macy’s/Nordstrom/etc. if you’re looking for off-the-rack prices) they are more than worth it given the quality. Highly recommend checking them out. I did seven years ago and have been a loyal customer since. Total class acts. And yes, Ryan really is incredibly helpful. Kudos all around. Very happy to get the chance to recommend them.

    • John

      Wm Fox is great–I strongly second this.

  • NW

    Depending on how much you want to spend, DePandi In Chevy Chase, MD makes fantastic suits. Bespoke and off the rack. Also, I don’t have experience, but have heard good things about Ezra Paul suits on 17th in DuPont.

    • Bryan

      DePandi is where Joe Beninati (the play-by-play guy for the Caps) gets his suits. They are dapper and wonderful.

      • JohnH

        Not sure HE is the one to point out to make that point lol

    • NorthPetworth

      Second the “I’ve heard good things” for Ezra Paul! He’s conveniently close to Dupont and Logan Circle areas.

  • stacksp

    Since you did not have much luck at Suit Supply, try Everett Hall across from Mazza Galerie near Cheesecake Factory.

  • Anon

    I’m also curious what turned you off about Suitsupply. They have quite a selection of different fits/styles and fabrics.
    For something that’s tried-and-true (albeit a bit boring), Brooks Brothers is a safe bet, unless you’re super skinny or want something more edgy/modern.

    • Anon

      Forgot to mention: for a price/quality/fit selection/value Suitsupply is hard to beat.

    • Dognonymous

      I really dig Suit Supply because a couple of their suit styles are the best off-the-rack fits I’ve ever found for myself. I do think their sales staff can be a little pushy, and they also sometimes disappear to other customers because the place is so busy. Of course, you get the same pushiness at Brooks Brothers or any other big retail suit shop. It doesn’t bother me at Suit Supply now that I always know the fit I’m looking for whenever I go there.

  • Nathan

    I haven’t tried them, but Read Wall in Shaw looks to have some nice offerings.

  • Anon

    My husband had his wedding suit made at Alton Lane. They give you whiskey when you go to pick materials. It’s pricey, but the suit fits perfectly and he’s worn it about a million times since the wedding.

    • Where is that?

      • Andie302

        It’s in the same building that used to house Lindsay Reishman and then Compass in Dupont – 1509 19th St NW. I peeked in a few times when I was at the office – it looked very swanky

        • Anonymous

          +1 for AltonLane. Super cool space in DuPont Circle and great customer service. Whiskey, beer, coffee whatever you want while getting fitted. Top notch fabrics too. Highly reccomened. Not cheap though. Takes about six weeks for suit to be completed.

    • Dognonymous

      I’m pretty sure you’re not my wife, but I got my wedding suit at Alton Lane, too. It’s very nice for a splurge, and their body scanner is a clever way of getting something close to a made-to-measure suit without paying 2 grand. My biggest gripe with Alton Lane is that their volume of fabric options borders on overwhelming, which makes it hard to get scanned, choose your fabric, and make a purchase in one visit. I also wish they’d make more of their fabric catalog available online; I love their custom shirts, but even after they have your measurements you can only choose from about 2-3 dozen basic options if you want to order from the website.

  • Anon

    I had my wedding suit done at Enzo Custom Tailor on K St. Great experience and quality, I have gone back for a few more since!

    • mmm

      2nd the rec for Enzo Custom. I’ve had 3 custom suits made by different makers and Enzo was by far the best experience (and they also offer whiskey).

      • Ben

        They are at the top of my list for an upcoming wedding. Who else did you try? The other person I was looking at was DC Custom

        • sapphie

          Enzo is usually crazy booked up this time of year, if you want to get an appointment I recommend you do it soon. Otherwise you might have to get the suit rushed. (I use to work there)

    • Dash Newton

      I had a couple made at Enzo and both needed rework, multiple times. Seems like good quality and I’m sure it works for some people, but I haven’t gone back. Same thing for Knot Standard, needed rework after it came in from abroad — I think theirs are done in the middle east vs Enzo’s in China.

    • Steve

      I totally recommend them !!!

  • Anon

    Can we do a subthread on ladies’ pantsuits? My wife needs to start wearing them for work and we have no idea where to look. In the past she’s worn Ann Taylor but they’re not very flattering.

    • Anon

      Nordstrom is pretty good because you can get tailoring done there for free. I think Macy’s might do that too? But honestly, like basically all other ladies in DC about 90% of my work wardrobe is Anne Taylor/Banana Republic/Loft.

      • Good to know– she’s under 5 feet so whatever she gets will need to be tailored!

    • stacksp

      I second Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack. The tailoring option works at both stores.

      • LedroitTigah

        I hadn’t realized nordstroms rack did free tailoring too! Thanks for the tip, stacksp!

        Also, for pricier options, you can try MMLefleur which just opened at 14th and K — I haven’t been yet, but have heard good things. There’s also a pop up of the Argent store above the RIDE (next to the warby parker) in north end shaw. I like their colorful, stylish workwear options (and its a women owned business, which is a plus in my book)

        • crazydoglady#1

          +1 for mm lafleur generally, but i don’t think they have any suits.

    • Marc

      NY & Co is where my girlfriend used to buy them (she wears t-shirts to work nowadays).

      • Anon

        NY & Co is hit or miss. If you’re looking for quality steer clear, but if you’re looking for a bargain – head on over. They have a sale practically every day.

  • Bogey

    I’d highly recommend Sid Mashburn in Georgetown. The service is great — they will give you beers/pour you a cocktail while you’re there, no pressure to buy and they’re really focused on old school service. The suits are great quality and a fair price, and the tailor does great work. The suits are more of a classic silhouette with natural shoulder, with modern details (slim fit, side vents, modest width lapel).

    It’s important to note that their suits are fully canvassed construction — this is really important and makes the fit superior — which is a differentiator at this price point (many are half canvassed).

    • anonanonanon

      Seconded on Sid’s. Can’t deny that it is a bit pricier than Suit Supply, but they have such a huge array of fabrics for custom suits and shirts, the tailor at the DC store is a cut above, and the folks who work there are extremely knowledgeable about the clothes, accessories, and footwear they sell. But the service really is what sets them apart in my mind, it’s clearly a huge focus and unless they are slammed, going there is a treat to be enjoyed.

  • Bloomy

    My husband and I just got ours made at DC Custom Clothiers (super small operation in an office building downtown)… I wasn’t in love with the suit, but I felt like ti was a good value for fully custom (~$900/suit)… I’d probably choose a different fabric and make sure we discussed the type of fit I wanted (a little more modern in the legs at least) if I had to do it again.

    • Anon

      FYI – it should be fairly easy to take-in the legs (assuming you don’t have too much excess fabric in the upper block).

      • Bloomy

        we had the legs taken in, but the seat didn’t fit perfectly… Still looked great :)

  • Ben

    Anywhere but Knot Standard. Had an awful experience there with a few suits that took well over a year to get made, and made correctly. The number of fittings and repair work and lack of communication from the staff there was appalling. My suits started falling apart within months.

  • Anon

    Piggybacking here: Can someone recommend a tailor in DC, preferably in Shaw? I need some relatively minor alterations for a new suit jacket. I’ve been going to Luis Tailor in Old Town, but I’d prefer not to trek out that far if possible.

    • CP

      I go to JC Lofton’s on U Street ilright next to Ohh Ahhs. It’s pretty good.

      • Anon

        Thanks! Are they fairly quick in terms of turn-around?

    • Anon

      Cheryl Lofton (JC’s sister) has a shop in Shaw right next to Pizza D’oro on T between 7th and 8th. I haven’t had anything complicated done there but they have done a good job.

      • Dash Newton

        Same here re: Cheryl , have had her do work on many pairs of pants, a jacket, and some shirts after dropping some lbs, and things were turned around in a week or so.

      • Anon

        Thanks! I’ll give her a try since she’s slightly more convenient vs JC.

      • DC225

        Cheryl is the bomb. I’ve been going to her for years and she can literally solve any tailoring problem under the sun.

      • B

        I just had two suits altered by Cheryl Lofton – I think they did an excellent job. And, two friends of mine were walking by when I left, and they noted they have used her for years with excellent results. I should note – as I saw on Yelp many times – she is NOT cheap. I was pretty surprised by the cost, but again, I think it was an excellent job. She also noted when I left that, if there are any issues, free alterations over 90 days after pick up. I will take two more suits to her soon.

    • ABinCH

      Add one more for JC Lofton.

  • dat

    On the flipside, I got my wedding suit from Jos A. Bank – some crazy buy one get 11 free made it easy to get matching suits for the groomsmen too. Didn’t spend much and didn’t think twice about it.

    • soots

      My hubs had an awful experience at Jos A. Bank. Tried to sell him a crazy striped suit because they didn’t have plain navy. They ordered the wrong size of the right suit and then told him it was his fault. Eventually got a different suit and picked it up the day before we left for the wedding- NEVER AGAIN!

    • DC225

      If you’re buying one suit and getting 11 free, you can’t have any quality expectations whatsoever.

  • Josh

    Billy Reid in Georgetown. They aren’t cheap, but often have sales. The suits are very high quality, made in america, etc. Also, the staff are awesome. I used them for my wedding and now get all my suits there.

  • Brian

    I was happy with my experience with Christopher Kim Menswear on M Street when I needed a suit last minute for a funeral. They have a big selection (in addition to making custom suits) and they turned around my off the rack choice with many many alterations (most of which were no additional cost) in a few days with no issues at all. Its a crowded place so its a little overwhelming but Id certainly look there again if I need to buy again.

  • B

    After a similar experience to what the OP described in the comments at Suit Supply, my husband got his suit at J. Crew. They were very attentive and helpful, and unlike other traditional places we checked out, they had a lot of slim cuts, which helped since my husband is tall and thin.

    • jcm

      I’m tall and thin, too, and SuitSupply and J Crew are where I get most of my suits. I really like the J Crew Ludlow fit, and they use very good wool. They rarely go on sale, which is a shame, but other than that I’ve been happy with them.
      If your husband wants to try again with SuitSupply, they have lots of fits that are very flattering for us tall slim guys. If you want to avoid the store slaes experience, just order a couple fro the website. They ship free both ways, so there’s really no risk in trying and returning.

  • Sapphie

    I use to work at Enzo Custom on Connecticut. I might be biased…but they are very well priced and the clothiers Jared(who use to work at SuitSupply in Georgetown) and Burgan are both amazing. They have a ton of fabric selections from their base fabrics all the way up to the super expensive. They get a deal on their Loro Piana fabrics, so they pass the savings down to the customers. You can customize everything from the buttons, lining, lapel style, and the button hole colors. Six week turn around, but you can pay a little extra for a two week rush shipping. All the alterations are done in house! Private appointments and scotch on request.

  • DC225

    Depends on your budget. For mid-range off-the-rack suits (+/- $1000), I recommend starting at Saks Men’s Store in Friendship Heights. Their house-brand suit is made in Canada by Samuelsohn and is top quality for the price. Saks has a much stronger selection than your local Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s. If your budget is higher and you’re interested in made-to-measure, any of the suggestions on this thread will serve you well: W.M. Fox, Enzo, and DePandi are all great. DC has a plethora of fine men’s stores; consider yourself lucky to have so many great choices for sartorial pursuits.

    • ah

      OP needs to answer two questions to make the answers relevant:

      1) How much do you want to spend?

      2) Do you want a custom suit or is off the rack with tailoring fine (and this will impact what you should expect to send), and is your body shape one that is likely not to work with off the rack (tall/short, fat/thin, athletic)?.

      Put differently, there’s a huge range from Men’s Warehouse to the various bespoke tailors mentioned in this thread, and we can go on and on about the merits of each but really not be helpful without these answers.

    • JohnH

      I got a custom suit at Nordstrom (forget the brand but it was great) several years ago for around $850. I’d recommend the Tysons Nordstrom though as Pentagon City/Democracy Blvd are not the best Nordstroms in terms of service.
      If you’re getting a fairly basic suit, to be honest, you can’t tell THAT much of a difference between a $600 suit that’s tailored well and a $1500 custom suit. If you’re doing any sort of “statement”/unique material – then go for it. I know it’s a wedding (and I’m not a “think it’s a great idea to blow $50k on a wedding” type, but it’s different for everyone), but as others have mentioned – you can always continue wearing it. And if you do wear suits often, you can get two very nice suits for $1500. Maybe you do a change for the reception…ha

  • Krislawt

    We had the best experience at Enzo Customs. Good prices (and a range of them) and was very impressed with the sales guy there who even steered us away from a more expensive fabric.

  • Sully

    Brooks Brothers

  • Hstreeter

    I went to Suit Supply and they said they couldn’t fit my body type (powerlifter). I use indochino. Its online, you can fit yourself or go to one of their showrooms (closest one I think is Philly. ) Best suits ever.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m not exactly a powerlifter but have my own non-obvious fit challenges and I had good success with them as well as one of their very similar (i.e., online made-to-measure) competitors called Ownonly. (I’ll take on blind faith that I’m missing out on something by not even dreaming of spending more than $500 on a single suit, but I’m ok with that.)

  • DC

    Suit supply has some great options/fits, but quality is horrible…usually tear/rip/lose buttons within three wears – not worth the price.

    Best option for value is Brooks Brothers Outlet at National Harbor, then your own tailor. You can get a customized look for less than $400

  • llsnrnnls

    My husband got his wedding suit at the Nordstrom in Pentagon City and had a great experience

    • llsnrnnls

      P.S. He went during their Anniversary sale and got a great deal

      • JohnH

        Which is in July if I remember right!

  • Prices?

    I’m interested in a lot of the recommendations but don’t know what to expect when it comes to prices. Could someone please post the price range of some of the most common places mentioned in this thread. I usually pay around $500 for my off the rack suits so I don’t know if these recommendations are completely out of my league. Thanks.

    • PFlyer

      For anything that is above “off-the-rack” you can expect to pay between $800 per suit to $1,4000 per suit, and if money is no objective, the sky is the limit from there. As a baseline, the higher quality the fabric, the higher the cost. Another major cost determinant is whether the suit is of fused/glued construction or is of half canvas or full canvas jacket construction. See, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3abMoo0gQc . You get what you pay for.

    • JohnH

      Suit supply is what you’re used to. Alton lane is prob $600-900. To be honest, unless you are getting unique looks/fabrics, I don’t spot much of a difference after $500. Not to mention quality tailoring. A $200 suit that’s well tailored looks significantly better than a $1000 that’s not.

      • PFlyer

        Nope, JohnH, I’ve never been to Suit Supply, but I will check out Alton Lane — thanks!

  • nearjetties

    I had a great experience at Blank Label and fits as well as my other semi-custom suits from Eljo’s in Charlottesville. Friends have had bad experiences with Suit Supply and Knot Standard.

  • PFlyer

    A HUGE THANK YOU SHOUT-OUT to Popville for this thread. As I mentioned somewhere at the top of the conversation, my father was a tailor from Italy. He came to this country as a young man. He started his training at his uncle’s elbow when he was just 13, during the war years, and then he went on to apprentice with and learn from some of the greatest tailoring shops at the time in Milano (Milan in English) before coming to this country. He hand-made my first suit for a wedding. When I was six years old — I was the ring bearer. And he was my “personal tailor” from that day onward, until I lost him last July. Whenever I returned home to Michigan over the years, we poured over swatches, I explained to him that I couldn’t afford the suit, he would wink at me and assure me that I would only have to pay “cost,” and off we would go. And part of our off-the-rack ritual on his visits to me here, is that we would carve out time to visit the now defunct Syms, scour the racks, sometimes come back from the hunt empty handed, but sometimes not — we would come back with a Burberry or a Hart, Schaffner, Marx, which he then would take home, deconstruct them and then turn into a work of art. But I digress. And here’s the shout out to you. You unintentionally helped this hurting puppy, Popville. At the risk of extreme TMI, I lost my father last July after our shared soul-crushing, brutal battle with Alzheimers, he was 85. I am in desperate need of new suits, and in the grand scheme of things, it might sound like a small thing, but I’ve been having a hard time for obvious reasons thinking of buying a new suit. Thank you all, for through this thread — no pun intended ;-) — for convincing me to get moving on through this next step of life. Mille Grazie.

    • Blithe

      Thank you for sharing your story! I am very sorry for your loss.

      I have to ask though: Did you keep your first suit? From your descriptions, it’s clear that it was made with a lot of pride and love — along with the considerable skills. That small, hand-made suit would be a wonderful keepsake, along with what, I’m sure, are even more wonderful memories.

      • PFlyer

        Absolutely yes, Blithe, I still have it, you don’t discard a work of art, my father re-worked it so that my son wore it at his first wedding, when he was six years old. :-)

    • textdoc

      What a lovely remembrance of your father and his craft.

  • PFlyer

    Oh, and p.s., on a much lighter note, the picture at the top of the conversation of Georges de Paris is PRICELESS!! Google his Washington Post story post-mortem obit! :-)

  • Anon

    Nordstrom rack will also tailor merchandise brought in from the outside and can sometimes do it same day

  • Mr. Cheese

    Ezra Paul on 17th – super helpful and knowledgeable.

    Check him out: https://ezrapaul.com/

  • DCPhotog

    Check out Bonobos-

    Get measured at one of their stores in DC and then order online. They make high quality clothes that fit all body types. For the power lifter that left a comment earlier you should check out the athletic fit suits- great fit through chest and thighs while having a slim silhouette.

    • JohnH

      I’ve had mixed quality with Bonobos. I’ve typically purchased from Nordstroms as they will replace items due to quality without blinking an eye. I like Bonobos fits though. The stitching seems to have changed and seems a bit more sturdy now.
      For anyone looking for a good suit that’s not for their wedding, I’ve been surprised with the Tommy Hilfiger sharkskin suits as a day to day option. They look nice and come fairly tailored in a slim fit if that’s what you need. Pants fit perfectly and I get my jacket tailored a bit. They’ve held up over time very well and are very modern look – get more compliments on those than my Hugo Boss ones…


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