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Today’s Rental is $900

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2017 at 2:15 pm 25 Comments

This rental is located in Trinidad. The Craigslist ad says:

“$900 / 1br – Cozy apartment with a glamorous touch!

With a heart for hospitality, but I have been in DC for the last 5 years so I know a thing or two about this great city. I have a passion for travel and so I love to open my doors to fellow travelers, short term and long term renters.
This place is close to H Street (one of the hottest streets in the city) NoMa-Gallaudet U metro, Gallaudet University, Atlas Brewery, Bardo Brewery, about 2 miles from the national mall .

The space

Contemporary cozy room in the heart of DC. The property was updated in May 2016, all new appliances, hardwood floors, gas stove, electronic entry (so no need for keys!) in a diverse neighborhood. There are mostly young professionals and families on my block. I have lived in this neighborhood for several years and absolutely love it.

This space offers a private room and bathroom.

Getting around

The apartment is about a 20 min walk to the Noma/Gallaudet metro. The D8 bus stop to the metro is a block from my house and will take you to either Rhode Island Ave metro or Union Station depending on which direction you take it in
There are always Car2Gos in the neighborhood and Uber is also easy to catch. Getting around via public transit is fairly easy.

The home is located in Trinidad, Washington, District of Columbia


Rent: $900
Security deposit: $600
Cleaning fee (optional): $50″

  • textdoc

    Clarity FAIL. The rental is listed in the “apartments” section of Craigslist, but the listing appears to be for a _room_ in a shared apartment, not an apartment unto itself.
    Also not clear if “private room and bathroom” means “private room and private bathroom” or “private room and shared bathroom.”
    If it’s a shared apartment, I’d also want to know more about the landlord/roommate.

  • anon

    Talk about an unclear ad – it lists an apartment, but reads like it is a share.
    If I were looking for an apartment, this is the kind of ambiguity that would make me pass this ad right by. I mean, how hard is it to be clear about what is being offered?

    • Leeran

      It’s not hard to be clear, but it IS hard to find places to live in this town, so this landlord will unfortunately probably get dozens of responses.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        Yes, they will get dozens of responses, but it’s a busy market right now and there are a lot of rentals available. I just went through the process of filling a room and we probably showed it to 40 people over the past 22 days. And aside from that I got 80 or more responses. People are looking at 4 or 5 different places. Though $900 is pretty cheap, but hard to really say when you’re not sure if this is a place where you’d have one roommate, two, more?

        • exiledinarlington

          I’m finding $900 for an apartment unbelievable. Even in Trinidad. It has to be shared.

          • Truxton Thomas

            Except it’s not an apartment; it’s a room for rent.

          • Formerly ParkViewRes

            After reading it again I think it’s the homeowner and they’re renting out a room/bathroom. One of the photos shows a small counter with a bullet and some silverware? Maybe it’s a room with a makeshift kitchen and your own bathroom within a house. Either way it’s confusing.

          • textdoc

            Right, but the landlord has misleadingly 1) listed it in the “apartments” section, 2) put “Cozy apartment” in the headline, and 3) tagged it with the “apartment” tag (if you look at the actual Craigslist ad).

          • Linc Park SE

            Mine is a spacious studio with high ceilings and a view of Linc Park. 12/ E Cap SE – it’s possible.

          • textdoc

            Linc Park SE, how long have you been in your place? It’s certainly below market rate for today’s rents.

  • idontgetit

    Whats behind that flimsy curtain in the kitchen?

    • JoDa

      I think it’s the HVAC/mechanical. I think that’s the air return below where the curtain’s cut.

      • SF

        It’s definitely the HVAC and water heater. All of these two unit buildings up there have the same layout.

  • A Reporter

    It’s very clear it’s a 1BR apartment as it says 1BR at the top of the listing. Everyone who’s complaining about it not being clear needs to read

    • PJL

      Maybe you should read the actual listing, since it indicates that what’s being rented is just a room and possibly a bathroom, not the whole apartment.

    • textdoc

      I think you’re the one who’s not reading. If it were really a one-bedroom apartment, why would it also list a “private room.”

    • Truxton Thomas

      “Contemporary cozy room. … This space offers a private room and bathroom.”

  • SF

    Yeah there’s no way that place is 20 min walk to NOMA station. Gmaps puts it at 33 minutes. It’s not far as the crow flies but Trinidad’s orientation and Gallaudet make it a bear to get there. Also Bardo is closed, apparently for good.

    I’ve looked at a few places in this neighborhood and I think it’s generally fine but (real estate code words aside) “mostly young professionals” is not how I’d describe it.

    • _____Woods


  • Anomnomnom

    The front of the structure has two entrances and the picture of the kitchen shows stairs- likely down to the entrance. The rest of the pictures would seem to indicate the space is all on one floor. So, I assume this is a separate unit with all its own amenities and its own entrance- not a shared space as some are saying.

    • anon

      Yes, one would assume that from the things you note (if that was al the listed noted) – but NOT from the “private room and bathroom” and “love to open my doors to fellow travelers.” The two doors implies that there are two units there (or were), but the language (and price) that indicate that this is a share makes me think that there are other rooms on your floor that are rented out to other “fellow travelers” and that only your room and bathroom are private to you.
      That’s fine for someone who is looking for that, but why not say so clearly?

    • textdoc

      The unit pictured is certainly the upstairs unit, but I see no indication that the landlord lives in the downstairs unit. And the price would be suspiciously low for a self-contained one-bedroom apartment.
      My guess is that the landlord owns and lives in the upstairs unit, and it’s either a 2BD/1BA or a 2BD/2BA for which the landlord is seeking a roommate.

      • JoDa

        Y’all are lucky I had some time to burn and know approximately where these 2-unit buildings are located in Trinidad. Each unit is owned by a different person, and each are 2 bed/2 bath. This is a share. It also annoys me when people post shares under apartments for rent on CL. The instructions are clear that that section is only for private quarters, and shares should be posted in rooms/shares.
        Also, “opening my home to fellow travelers” makes me think one might be “sharing” with more than one permanent roommate, i.e., owner will Airbnb their room when they travel, may do couchsurfing, etc.

        • textdoc

          Ah, good point! The wording made me think that the owner had AirBnB’d in the past… but I wasn’t thinking of it as a potential present/future situation.

          • JoDa

            I mean, it’s a little steep for a small bedroom in that area, but maybe not a terrible deal if all-inclusive. But any prospective tenant should know up front that this is a shared apartment and whether the owner/ll/roommate intends to continue inviting additional “travelers” while they reside there.


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