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  • textdoc

    That is a bummer.
    PSA: Mother’s Day is Sun. 5/14 this year. Pretty flowers — whether in planters or in the ground — are especially vulnerable to being stolen between now and then.
    For things in planters, you may want to move them to a less visible area (like a back porch) and/or zip-tie them to railings. (Zip ties won’t stop a thief with scissors, but they’ll deter a more casual thief.)

  • Coyowolf

    Could it be that the Cleveland Park Flower Thief has moved onto a new neighborhood?!!

  • anon

    Would it be illegal to attach one of those rape whistles with a pin that you pull out? I’d very much like to watch a thief shit his/her pants when that thing goes off.

    • navyard

      I was thinking that a motion-sensor activated sprinkler would be a nice touch here.

      Sorry to the OP. And yes, greatest editing with Law & Order music ever!

      • dcd

        You all are nicer than I am. I was internally lamenting that a medium shock would be appropriate (and yes, illegal). Yes, I now it’s an overreaction, but crimes like this are infuriating.

  • asdf

    Aww. Picking up flowers for mom. So thoughtful.

  • Looking to install new Nest cameras on front and back… this isn’t the typical quality, right?

    • houseintherear

      You can control the quality level on the app, but they are very good overall.

    • vplus

      That’s my video featured here. Usually Nest gives a clearer picture, but sometimes the compression they use results in some of that macroblocking.

      Also note that this one here is on the windowsill *inside,* shooting through glass. The newer “NestCam Outdoor” would have delivered me a better picture.

  • LJ

    Great use of the L&W effects, but that “enhance” does not measure up to the TV version… ;)

    • LJ

      …And of course I meant L&O

  • danger dave

    I pity the person up at 4am stealing flowers from their neighbor’s yard!

  • Robert

    Appears to be a black gentleman. That narrows it down.


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