“Sunday Funday”


Awesome! I love random horse sightings. Derik writes:

“We were enjoying happy hour at Royal on Florida Ave yesterday, when this guy rode by. I’m guessing he was just out for a nice Sunday afternoon ride, but we were trying to figure out where he keeps a horse in or near the city! I’m sure there’s a Maryland driver joke in there somewhere, but I can’t think of anything witty right now.”

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  • So, maybe a dumb question, but is this… legal? Like if you have a horse can you just ride it around anywhere? What about on busy streets? Do you need a license?

    Also as far as where to keep a horse, IDK where this guy has his obviously, but there are stables in Rock Creek Park.

  • legal as long as it can’t lay eggs.

  • This should be a photo for a caption contest

  • Officer: Sir where’s the registration?
    Guy: I keep it in the trunk. You’re welcome to reach for it yourself.

  • There is a group/club of guys from MD that’s part of a larger national organization of “black cowboys.” They trailer the horses in and park at friends’ house or parking lot. It’s illegal to ride around without a permit but the police just don’t bother them. I know a man who is a member.

    • I’d rather horses than ATVs. Does the asphalt not hurt their hooves? I admittedly know very little about horses.

      • Asphalt is relatively soft. Assuming the horse is shoe’d, it won’t hurt their feet but will probably hurt their joints after a while, especially if walking on concrete (horses – they’re just like us!). But a stroll down florida avenue could be stressful for the horse depending on how much traffic they’re used to.

    • Is it really illegal? I did a quick google search but all I came up with is that:

      “906.6 Horses and mules shall not be driven loosely through any street under any circumstances, but may be conducted in droves of not more than six (6) haltered together and in charge of at least one (1) person holding the halter.
      906.7 No horse, mule, goat, sheep, swine, bovine, or other cattle shall be allowed to run at large in the District, and no person owning or harboring any of these animals shall cause or permit an animal to wander, rove, or run at large unrestrained.”

      And under 8-2001 you need a license to operate a horse-drawn carriage.

      Doesn’t seem like riding a horse down florida is illegal, though, even if I’m not sure the horse would enjoy it very much.

  • Is there an Idaho stop rule here?

  • Reminds me of this story about “concrete cowboys” in Philly’s inner city learning to keep and ride horses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esvysSHyrD4

  • I saw the same guy roaming the alleys of Trinidad!