“Still a little shady CVS isn’t taking any blame.”

cvs truck

Update on that CVS Truck that smashed into a parked car last week:

“CVS contacted the trucking company who employs the driver…he called me Friday night and was going back and forth…apologizing yet trying to minimize blame. claimed the driver didn’t know…but then asked for the video of the driver getting out of the truck after he hit my car. Nay, dragged my car.

Anyway – they have a court date May 4…trying to see how they want to handle this. Still a little shady CVS isn’t taking any blame.”

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  • CVS taking cues from Ja Rule. NOT MY FAULT!

  • Anonjmous

    Still not posting the video for us? I think CVS dragging their feet is Karma getting you back for teasing us.

  • I had a feeling this wouldn’t be nearly as simple as “call CVS and immediately get paid”. I’d be surprised if this is settled within 6 months. And even when it is settled the OP will likely still be screwed in one way or another.

    • IDK. In this day of publicity and easy video sharing, and the relatively minimal damages and clear liability here, I would see it as a pretty easy decision to pay (given documentation of damages). I’d say this even if it is an independent company and even if CVS can’t recover the cost through its contract with the trucking company. Cost of business of having your logo splashed over independent trucks.

  • This is probably an independent trucking company that makes deliveries to CVS (delivers the trailer)

  • ugh. thanks for the update. so sorry this is becoming quite the pain in the ass!!!!! sending good vibes your way.