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  • NH Ave Hiker

    Hey, genius. I hate to break it to you, but YOU ARE part of the so-called “Washington bureaucracy” now. You’re the effing President.

  • SM

    Where did the top picture come from? Is this something the administration is showing in ads?

    • It’s from trumps Facebook page the video is linked to it

      • Emanon

        Has anyone told him yet that he’s president, and that seal is much more impressive than a campaign logo?

      • SM

        Wow, this is horrifying. Thanks for answering.

  • dat

    is this actually an official (sanctioned) message??

  • Ahhhh…I can’t stand it! I know you planned it! Gonna set it straight this Watergate.

  • jumpingjack

    Is this Trump’s “fake news” campaign ad that all of the major networks are refusing to air? (Yes, it’s a campaign ad. For 2020.)

  • Mr. Magoo

    We need a GoFundMe page to pay Saudi Arabia to keep him.

    • King Salman

      Ummm, we have so much oil that you don’t have enough money for us to keep him.

  • Zvuv

    It almost feels like he’s doing it on purpose, to provoke the media, then paint them as unpatriotic and shut them down. I know it sounds paranoid, but remember what Bannon said? Anyway, I’m sincerely hoping I’m wrong.

  • AN

    Thanks PoP – linking the Beastie Boys video added some needed levity. It’s crazy out there.

  • Admiral Yi

    listen all y’all its a sabotage, Listen all y’all its a Sab-o-tage, Listen All Y’all Its a Sabotage, LISTEN ALL Y’ALL ITS A SABOTAGE!

  • Cam

    I occasionally watch Fox to see how the other side thinks. Tucker Carlson last night was even crazier. He said liberals are plotting mass violence and want to divide the US into tribes. WTF? The guest from the NRA agreed.


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