Finalists for the PoP Peep Project 2017 – Vote for your Favorite!!

by Prince Of Petworth May 8, 2017 at 4:00 pm 9 Comments


Wow. Did this turn out better than I expected. Holy cow. Of course, it made picking the finalists extremely difficult but I finally narrowed it down to nine. Now it’s your turn to pick the overall champion. The winners get taken out to dinner courtesy Carmine’s Family Style Italian Restaurant and drinks courtesy me. At first I was gonna give free t-shirts to the top three but I think I’ll just schedule a June happy hour and give free t-shirts to all who entered so stay tuned for that. So without further ado – here is the poll – which shall close at noon on Friday. We’re just a little neighborhood blog so please let’s be cool and use the honor system here: Please vote once and only once. Ed. Note: Of course you can tell your friends to vote for you but tell your friends to be cool too. Thanks to all who took the time to enter – your creations were amazing!

Without further ado:

Photos of the entries after the jump.

We-the-Peeple 5
1. “We the Peeple: 2017 Women’s March” by Melissa Werner

baking show 10
2. “The Great British Baking Show.” by Kate Davenport and Natalie Thomas

bunnies march 4
3. “Bunnies’ March on Washington” By Tobey Busch and Marcy Busch

metro finals 3
4. “Peeps on the Platform.” by Shelly Layser

peeps park 11
5. “Peeps in the Parks – a Tribute to 100 years of the National Park Service” by Katie Fletcher & Kristen Johnson

peeps pavillion 8
6. Live from St. Peter’s Gate @ Merriweather Peeps Pavilion” by Amanda

7. “Exotic. Exhilarating. Exclusive. Welcome to PeepstWorld.” by Jess and Vy

uprising 6
8. “The Peeple’s Uprising.” by Megan Griffiths-Ward

peepville finals s and s
9. “Behold: Welcome to PeePville” By Sam and Shelley


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