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“Other than looking to rent a spot which I do not want to do, are there any ideas?”

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2017 at 2:45 pm 13 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I currently live and have my car registered in Zone 1 and recently renewed my parking permit for 2 years. I now unexpectedly have to move. Until I figure out where I am going long term, I have secured a sublet/temporary housing for 3 months which is in a different zone. How do I get a temporary parking permit for this zone for this period? The DC Gov website says that visitor parking is valid for only 15 days and regardless, it does not sound like I even qualify for their definition of a “visitor” . The rent I am paying to the owner is inclusive of utilities so I will not have any way to prove residence. Other than looking to rent a spot which I do not want to do, are there any ideas?”

  • It’s just me

    You can change your address to the new address. You will need 2 forms of proof of residency, but one can be a bank statement or phone bill (which you can change to the temp address) and then you can have the temp landlord sign a DC proof of residency form. See here and below: https://dmv.dc.gov/node/1115502

    “*DC DMV proof of residency form signed by the certifier residing at the residence AND a copy of the certifier’s unexpired DC Driver license or DC identification card AND 2 proof of residency documents (i.e., utility bill, telephone bill, etc.) in the certifier’s name. The DC DMV proof of residency form is available at the link below:
    DC DMV Proof of Residency Form”

    • LCinDC

      In addition to cell phone bill (go un-paperless for a month), bank/financial institution mail, and a written lease/sublease agreement, I hope you have renter’s insurance and will be updating them of the new address–that one is pretty instant for printing out a document with the address. I would do the temp permit from MDP for the immediate term while you get the docs together ASAP for more permanent solution.

      • Anon Spock

        You can print the cell bill offline. It still has your address even if you’re electronic only. Same as pepco, etc.

        • anon

          Concur with all of these. It’s pretty easy to come up with two bills that prove your address if you’re a legitimate adult who keeps their address up to date on the many services that an adult uses and should have a current address on. Changing your license propagates a change in your vehicle registration which results in a new sticker with new zone; it’s all automatic.

  • Pleasant Plains

    Try looking into a ROSA exception? I’m not sure it’s on all fours with your situation, but it’s what is used if for example a significant other who is not a DC resident (so can’t get a residential permit) parks in DC every night.


  • megmu99

    If you change the address of your vehicle registration online with DC DMV, then you will also be able to update your RPP zone, and DC DMV will send you a new RPP sticker.

  • Wendy Testaburger

    You can see if your temporary apartment is in a VPP zone and apply for a VPP permit. I did that when I moved to Zone 1 for a few months. I believe you do not have to provide utility bills to apply; your address (and unit number) just need to be in their system. It took a while, but I received it just as I was moving out of my temporary place. Or you can ask your landlord to provide their VPP permit for you to use. You can also switch your RPP zone with the DMV and I think all you need to bring in is a copy of your lease and copies of any bills going to your new address (doesn’t have to be utility bills). DMV makes copies of all documents so don’t bring anything you don’t want them to have in their files. I’m not sure of the charge (I did it in conjunction with other stuff) but it’s at most $20 to do it. It will not renew the current term of your RPP.

  • Anonymous

    As “It’s just me” mentioned, you can get the new landlord to certify that you are tenant to use as one proof of residency, and just change addresses with the DMV.
    You could also just leave your car parked in Zone 1, though you’d want to check on it at least once I a week if you don’t use it regularly.
    But if you can’t do that, the only thing I can think of is to find out what the nearest unzoned streets are and park there. Depending on where your temp place is, there may or may not be some nearby.

  • PetworthGuy

    Go to the local MPD station and show your lease – you’ll get a temp street parking pass for 2 weeks. This is what I did when I moved, before my pass came in the mail. They don’t even track it (at least they didn’t when I went), so at the end of the weeks I went back and got another. Free month of parking. Only needed the lease and active registration for my car (addresses didn’t match up).

    • plotkin

      I also did this and recommend.

  • emilysquirrely

    Park within zone 1 as close to zone 2 as you can for the next 3 months and then just roller blade to your car?

    • Anonymous

      Bounce, Rock, Roll, Skate Baby!

  • Eleanor Oliver

    Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.


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