Are You There God? It’s Me, A Nats Fan.

nats pen
Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

hahaha thanks to a reader for passing on the Craigslist ad which captures how many of us are feeling…

“Trade: Soul 4 Nats Closer (Nationals Park)

Will trade soul for competent pitcher for Nationals bullpen.
Must be able to throw strikes and get outs in ninth inning.
Soul being traded is slightly damaged from unsuccessful playoff attempts in 2012, 2014 & 2016.
Please contact me immediately.”

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  • Has there ever been a team more unwilling to learn from its mistakes? Jesus. Go get a damn closer and end this nonsense. This team is a legit contender but we all know what happens when we can’t close it out in the 9th. Rizzo is a master at making deals he just needs to get on it before it’s too late.

    Go Nats!!!

    • i don’t know if I’d classify it as unwilling to learn from mistakes – they’ve done a lot to fix issues. And let’s be honest, having a solid closer is easier said than done. There’s a handful of them in the MLB, they don’t exactly grow on trees. The fact of the matter is the Nats should do fine as is during the regular season – so I’d guess they’re playing the wait and see game and will go hard after one before the trade deadline. The Nats have been willing to pony up for stuff when needed, but it also isn’t absolutely critical to have a solid closer in place in May.

      • It’s also close to impossible to get a bonafide closer in May. Every team is still theoretically “in it” still and not going to be willing to make a deal until after the All-Star Break.

    • saf

      Remember what happened the last 2 times they bought a closer…

      • justinbc

        Haha I was gonna say, I don’t follow Nats that closely but I do remember seeing one of them choke their MVP.

      • Melancon was money. Hell, I’d take Henry Rodriguez at this point.

        • Ha! I will never forget, after his stint with the Nats, how in Miami he threw a 103 MPH pitch that bounced off the backstop, came back and hit HIM!

        • Melancon was money at the time, but the Nats gave up a lot and are still paying. Case in point: at this very moment Melancon is on the DL, on a different roster, and Rivero is pitching superbly, on a different roster, and would be very useful in the Nats bullpen.

          • As a Pirates fan, I’d like to thank the Nationals for Rivero. Ironically, the Pirates were able to send Melancon to the Nats because they picked him up when his value was low in exchange for Joel Hanrahan, who the Pirates also picked up on the cheap when he had a superficially bad stretch as the Nationals closer. In total, the Pirates have gotten nearly a decade’s worth of elite relief pitching for Sean Burnett and Nyjer Morgan. Not bad! Maybe the Nats’ bullpen solution is to just not trade guys when they’re under-performing?

        • saf

          OK, I forgot Melancon, as we didn’t have him that long. I liked him.

  • Closer only matter after August Please see 2017 Nats as proof… best record in NL, yet worst bullpen. Sucks for the fans, but better roster management to buy late in the season. Had we scored Chapman, Meloncon, or Britton (via trade) for a big deal, they would all be on the shelf right now.

  • The good news is that I’m getting a lot more sleep. Turning in as soon as the starter is pulled.

  • This is the premise of an excellent book and musical about the Senators….
    points for modernizing, demerits for plagiarism.

  • I am not yet ready to worry about the Nats.
    I am still in my annual post-Caps recovery phase. I need time.

  • It’s out of the box, but how about covertint strassburgh or joe Ross as a closer? We could close out every winnable game with strass. It isn’t done, but we should be exploring all options

    • I think this is a great idea. Strasburg would be the ideal candidate for this transition.
      – signed, a Mets fan

      • Yeah I don’t get this. Someoen mentioned Max today too. NO. Stras’ worst innings are always the first and or second anyway. But that’s not even 1/4 of the problem with this idea.

  • I love how everyone is a NATS fan all of a sudden. Where were all of you 3-5 years ago? You still can’t sell out your stadium after multiple playoff seasons. Sad.

    • I actually went in the opposite direction. As a long-time Mets fan, I rooted for the Nats when they stunk (as did the Mets) because there wasn’t really a conflict, other than the 20 games each year they played each other. Recently, though, I have found myself rooting against the Nats because of the division race. I thought I was going to be in that position this year, but . . . . well, everyone is hurt. Again. JFC. Silver lining, I don’t get annoyed when the Nats pull one out.

    • I’m not a Nats fan.

    • justinbc

      I’m not. Was upset that Harper resigned for another year, thought it was time for the Yankees to steal him.

      • He wasn’t eligible for free agency yet. But, that’s in the cards for the future.

        • justinbc

          I thought the extension year he signed (for 2018) would have been when he was eligible?

          • Bryce didn’t sign an extension year; he just avoided arbitration by agreeing on a salary level with the Nats for the final year of his current affiliation. After next year (i.e., after the 2018 season) he will become a free agent and that’s when the bidding wars will begin.

    • Huh? There are like 3 teams in MLB that regularly sell out games. And they aren’t necessarily good teams…