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  • Carey

    Oh for fuck’s sake! This guy’s driver’s license should be revoked.

    • anon7

      for what offense?

      • Zach

        For not being able to comprehend street signs? If he can’t understand these, what else can’t he figure out on the road?

        • Ed. Note: This is not the first time people have been pissed at Evans’ parking prowess. We’ve previously learned that Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations except for fire hydrants of course.

          • anon7

            zach took my bait. but that was my point. there is no parking offense occurring here. if you feel strongly about changing the law, then you should write your council member. the council member for this area of DC is Jack Evans. zing.

          • anon

            If you aren’t voting in the Dem primaries in Ward 2 despite being eligible (if you register as a DC resident and as a Democrat), you’re part of the problem. I feel like that describes a lot of people.

          • ah

            I suggest writing Jason Chaffetz.

          • Brett M

            To be clear, yes there are photos of Jack parked in front of hydrant.

          • re ah

            +infinity for Chaffetz. Too bad Jasy is calling it quits soon…

      • navyard

        for what offense?
        His sense of entitlement. Yes, I know he’s allowed to do it, but when I was recovering from a broken leg and still had my handicapped placard, I didn’t use it unless I needed to. Because I care about my fellow human beings. What a dick.

        • welp

          He has a sense of entitlement because he has legal entitlement. They’re allowed to park where they want. It’s the law. If you want the rule changed, try and change it. In the meantime, don’t blame Evans for parking in ways that his job allows.

          Also, don’t be mad at Evans because you decided to not use your handicap privileges?

          • I. Rex

            Well damn since you seem to want to help Jack park wherever he wants because he is entitled to, why not let him park in the middle of Connecticut Avenue during rush hour? Is that OK because he can park wherever he wants? Or are there perhaps limits that we would expect a decent human being to follow whether by law or by common decency? Like not parking in front of a fire hydrant (as he has done) or not parking in a crosswalk?

          • Bort

            Do you really think that acting within what the law allows should grant one immunity from criticism? Dude habitually parks like a total f*ckwad. Is he parking legally? Yes (mostly). Is he acting like an entitled sh*thead? Also yes. Whether or not folks find a way to change the law around this (or remove the individual from the position that makes it possible), sh*tty is as sh*tty does and internet comments seem like a reasonable place to call it out.

          • Manamana

            “If you want the rule changed, try and change it.”

            Part of the problem here is that as a Council member, Evans gets to make the law, and in this case the law benefits him, not you & me.

          • Anonymous

            There are (and should be) norms, though. I sort of see an argument for this rule so councilmembers can deal with emergency situations (I don’t buy it, but it’s a rationale). Jack, however, doesn’t operate in the spirit of the rule. He parks wherever, whenever. That’s norm breaking. Consider how many countries have their employees with diplomatic plates park properly, and pay their tickets. It’s part of being a good community member.
            Also, if somebody gets hit using that crosswalk and reduced visibility is a cause, can Jack be sued?

  • Dlabog

    It’s really hard for me to see a Sebring and not think about Michael Scott and the company car haha. But seriously Jack cut me off pretty badly on my drive home one time, so it might be better if he leaves it parked.

    • PetworthGuy

      +1 “What a ridiculous car for this climate” – Dwight

  • Hill Denizen

    I hope a bus turns and clips his car….woops.

  • Bobert

    He has to be just waiting for an insurance payout in that POS, right?

  • DC

    Jack is my Council member. While I think he’s a bright, hardworking Ward 2 rep, I’ve heard him interact with constituents on the street, and have seen his parking firsthand. Both tell me he has an ego the size of that Sebring.
    At this point, *if* he’s aware people remark on his parking, why wouldn’t he just stop?

    • Anonymous

      “At this point, *if* he’s aware people remark on his parking, why wouldn’t he just stop?”
      Because he’s allowed to do it. And politicians know that know matter what you do, some people will hate it, so I don’t think he’ll be swayed by people’s remarks on his parking.

      • DC

        I only care if it’s blocking a hydrant, unnecessarily taking a handicap spot, or blocking a crosswalk.
        All of which have been photo documented FWIW.

        • Duponter

          Or, in this case, making it difficult for people at the intersection behind him to see oncoming traffic from their right, which is also dangerous (and why typically you cannot park in that spot).

      • Anonymous

        Allowed to do and decent thing to do as a member of a community are two different things. I’m surprised he isn’t concerned about the bad publicity, “entitlement” or no.

    • Rich

      He’s my council person, too. He has his fans, but mostly he has an incredible fundraising base because of his support for developers and representation of downtown, West End, Georgetown. It’s been a long time since he’s had a credible challenger and there’s always the risk that they eventually will be in the money guys’ pockets too.

    • former ward 2

      He’s known for many years and he couldn’t care less.

  • Pete

    The District government is still such a joke and a backwater. How is “DC Council Ward 2” even a thing that they issue a license plate with? It’s barely readable from any distance. How would a highway cop in another state even fit that onto a ticket or run it through their plate check system? Guess it doesn’t matter if the Sebring never leaves his little fiefdom.

  • Anonymous

    Just here to say that is a mf’ing great song.

  • anonabeer

    My new view on this is that I am fine with them parking wherever they want in their own ward but that they should have to follow the rules outside of their ward. People who can’t vote these [use your imagination] out shouldn’t have to put up with their [use it again]. I guess that means at large members would get better parking privileges .

    • Duponter

      My twist on this is that I don’t mind if they park somewhere that generally does not endanger other folks. Parking in front of a hydrant does. Parking in a handicapped spot does. Parking at the corner like this can depending on the intersection because it makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic. But if he’s parking in a time restricted spot that is sometimes used and doesn’t endanger anyone, well I could care less.


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