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  • Anon

    I would have preferred “Maximilian”.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    But can I get a free glass of wine in exchange for a parking ticket?

  • textdoc

    This isn’t the same as the former “Slum Historique” building, right? Just painted similar colors and a block or two away?

    • No Slum Historique was at Rhode Island Ave. This is much further south.

    • J

      slum historique is Barber of Hell’s Bottom if I’m not mistaken

      • that is correct

        • I KNOW Shaw

          This is the old Aziz’s coffee shop.

          • Yes, it says that in the post: “This is the former Piassa and Azi’s Cafe space.” We are not talking about this space we are talking about slum historique.

  • JohnH

    This has changed over a couple times as mentioned. Not sure a wine bar is the answer as there’s not much space inside – don’t exactly take a glass of wine to go. I think a good fast casual spot – but it seems that’s a business sector people in DC overthink, particularly in this area. Everyone tries to make something SO unique (see Cho-Ku or what not), that it doesn’t attract the quantity of people a place like this needs to churn through.
    Put in a Chipotle spin-off/taco place, Sweetgreen spinoff, etc, I bet it’d do quite well.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I personally like a good wine bar, but La Jambe is pretty close to here and never seems too packed. Hopefully, both can make it.

  • anon

    Does that logo scream copyright infringement for Madewell (the store on 14th Street) to anyone else?


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