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  • LosLobos

    Probably an alderman, LEO, or diplomat?

    • Carey

      Maybe a VIRGO, even. By the way, you might want to blur the citation number as well, because if you enter it on the DC DMV site, the license plate number shows up.

      • Angry Parakeet

        Why blur? Person doesn’t deserve the courtesy. (I’m assuming it itn the OP’s paperwork, but the offending car.)

    • smrtcar

      Not a Dip plate.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        The placement of the ticket is obscuring the fact that they seem to have challenged all but two of the tickets. So technically there are two outstanding unpaid tickets, but the rest are all in the adjudication process.

        • anon

          All but three, yeah. The three oldest.
          Seems highly unlikely someone would just be so unlucky, though, to receive that many tickets wrongly.

          • anon

            I guess maybe they could be stolen plates…

  • Anon

    I see this car parked near my house all the time, usually with several tickets on the windshield. I figured that it was one of the construction workers to some of the houses that are being reno’d.

  • anon

    Does anyone have any story of a consequence for unpaid DC parking citations? Do they sell the debts to a collections agency eventually? While booting/towing would seem fair, I could make my peace with entering the debt collection system, wherein this person has to pay back tickets with interest or face credit ruination.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      If you file taxes in DC and get a refund they’ll take it out of the DC refund.

    • Dogg

      I knew someone who decided to stop driving altogether but later on needed to apply for an ABRA manager’s license to manage at a bar. You have to pass a “clean hands” check (that deals with items like this, and nothing to do with sanitation :) They had to pay like 2K.

    • anon

      I wonder if there are any consequences then for someone who neither works nor does licensed work in the District.

      • anon

        I mean lives nor does licensed work

    • gonzo

      DC tracked me down for an unpaid ticket 15 years ago at my parents house in the midwest, where my car was registered at the time. Same happened to a former roommate 7 years ago. So, yes, they can track you down. Not sure if they then sell off to a debt collection agency if you dont pay up.

  • Jerry S.


    • H_E_Pennypacker

      +1000 “the white whale”

      • ah

        I have a genuine white whale that parks (illegally) near where I work .. . $15k in fines, although seemingly only a couple in the last few months. It’s a nice BMW 750iL. I’m convinced it’s someone who’s driving their ex’s car and it’s in their ex’s name still . . .

  • welshie

    My car was recently towed because I screwed up and forgot about two contested tickets last year that I never checked up on. It sucked. Anyway, I was told by DMV and DCPD that it only takes 2 unpaid tickets before a car can be booted and/or towed. It used to be three, but has recently changed to two. Two. Get that car towed!

  • Marty

    The most expensive ticket is failure to secure DC tags. Why was that only charged ONCE, last fall, nearly at the beginning of this long list of tickets?
    Shouldn’t there be some protocol that informs when that kind of ticket is assessed? Because it seems like there were a few chances to ticket them AGAIN for that infraction since Sept 2016.

    • AJSE

      Probably because they then affixed their tags properly, therefore it was never an issue again?

      • Marty

        “Secure” doesn’t mean attach, but means to acquire. (I’ve gotten that one before.)

        • Anon

          Maybe they got a rosa after that? Wouldn’t make sense though because it’d be forgiven.

  • Confused about towing, too

    I’ve wondered this myself. The website seems to indicate you can be towed after 2 outstanding tix. The box on this tix even says that the tow is required. However, it seems cars are rarely towed. It strikes me as odd – this city is super efficient when it comes to issuing tix, but not for the tow?

    • Anon

      Every parking ticket that I’ve ever received has the Tow Requested box checked and I’ve never been towed. I’ve left my car sit there days after the ticket and never got towed.

  • Anonymous

    My car was towed after it was stolen, after the stolen plates that were put on the car by the thieves accumulated enough parking tickets that it was booted while it was parked in an area with rush hour restrictions. I suspect that some of the tickets were given when the stolen plates were on my car, but none of the people ticketing the car noticed that the car or the plates were reported stolen, and of course, I have no idea how many tickets were accumulated, or even the tag number of the car when it was towed. I did also have to fight the parking tickets for the car that they put my plates on, but was successful in that.

  • condoer

    Related question – I contested a right-on-red camera ticket and it’s been pending for many month. Meanwhile, I sold the car and canceled the tags. If I lose the appeal do I still have the pay the ticket?

    • Shawnnnnn

      In short, yes. If you ever want to own a car in DC again. They do not forget.

      That said, this reminded me I have one ticket pending adjudication now for 2+ months. How long does it actually take? Is there a way to check the status? I’ve moved since then and while my registration is up to date, I do worry any decision will get mailed to my old address.

      • ah

        Totally random. I disputed one (issued by officer) and it was cancelled within a couple of weeks. Parking ticket was dismissed after a few months. Photo camera ticket pending after several months.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, in the past, their memory wasn’t so good. I got a parking ticket on my last day (while loading my passenger’s things into the car) in DC in 1975. I didn’t pay it. Several years later, I was moving back to DC with the same car. I didn’t have the ticket, but wrote or called with the date, location and license plate number, wanting to pay. I was told that they couldn’t locate the ticket, and I should just forget about it.

      • TNW

        I’ve had contested tickets take as long as a year to work their way through the process (though I lost that one). Usually it’s taken 3-4 months if my memory serves me. I’ve contested ~7 tickets over the last three years.

    • jzdc

      I’ve contested two photo tickets by mail and it took 6 and 10 months respectively for the adjudication to come back (dismissed). Not sure how the DMV can be that far backed up with mail-in adjudications, but would seem that with all the photo ticket surplus money they’ve been getting, they should consider hiring another judge to get through these in a more reasonable timeframe – ie. 30-60 days.

  • 5 Tickets and Counting…

    Wondering if there is a way to report a specific ticket writer. I have gotten 5 tickets in the past two weeks from a K. Wright in the Bloomingdale area. The tickets are for not proper zone sticker. I have a Zone 1 Sticker and most of the area except for one block is Zone 5. The place I park has a Zone 1 & 5 Parking. I explained it to her (actually luckily saw her writing the ticket one day) and she said the sign is wrong. It should be only Zone 5 the whole area. Regardless she keeps writing the ticket. Anything to do other than contest them?

    • Anonymous

      Assuming you are correct and she is incorrect, I would raise this issue with your ANC reps and councilmember’s office and DPW (and probably contest the tickets in the meantime). There is no reason why you should have to repeatedly waste your time contesting tickets because the ticket writer doesn’t know what she’s doing. On the other hand, if the sign is wrong then it should be fixed immediately.

    • Beau

      Call your ANC commissioner, your council member, the at large council members, the Chair, and the mayor’s office. You’re one of the most overrepresented people municipally in this country. Take advantage of it!

      • jonah

        As an ANC Commissioner I’ll tell you there is nothing I can do about parking tickets other than to email DPW and connect the recipient. Chances are you will have better luck with the Councilmember’s constituent services staff.

        • textdoc

          And if the Councilmember’s constituent services staff are incompetent, try the MOCR (Mayor’s Office of Community Relations) rep for your ward.

    • anon

      i have no advice other than to take tons of photos, including street signs and parking signs to show more than enough context for your situation when/if you have to contest them. a while back, my SO was contesting a few tickets and was told that her photos didn’t sufficiently support her statements, so they ruled against her.

      • Shawnnnnn

        In this case, it’s absurd you even need photographic evidence if the sign is still up. Why do I need to show you that the sign says what it says? I mean, I get that you should still do it, but seriously. It says everything about the DC government that you’d have to prove to the city they put a f***ing sign up that says something.

        • anon

          yeah, you’re not wrong lol

    • Bloomy

      I’ve had a similar situation with K. Wright in Bloomingdale. My s/o lives there and I’ll stay come over after work occasionally. On the north side of the unit block on Randolph Street, the sign states that it is two hour parking between 7AM – 6:30 PM (while the surrounding blocks are 7AM – 8:30PM). She consistently gives me tickets after 6:30 PM when I’m literally parked right in front of the sign that says the 2 hour limit is only enforced until 6:30 PM. I contest every one, and I believe they say it can take up to 6 months for them to review. We’ll see how it turns out, but it’s a shame I’ll have to wait so long.

  • Jade

    If you’re car has two or more tickets over 60 days that are unpaid, you should be booted or towed. I am not sure how this person hasn’t been either yet.

  • Anon

    You only need two, but they are limited by getting a tow truck there in time. You can see on the ticket that it says tow requested and if you look up the other tickets on the site with pictures of violations I bet you’ll see they also have tow requested. I repeatedly reported multiple times a day a car with over $5k worth of tickets and finally started including in the notes to bring a boot or tow. After a good two weeks of reporting multiple times a day the car got towed.

    • ah

      But how long does it take a tow truck to arrive? Shouldn’t some alarm bell go off, making it priority one to go tow a car that has accumulated $1000s in tickets?

  • Elvis’s Mom

    Is this Jack Evans again?

  • BootSquad

    I spoke to a parking enforcement cop about this once before. In order to get a boot, you need something like three tickets for the same offense in the same spot. If you move the car, you can then accumulate another two tickets at that spot before getting booted. Some people – particularly a red Jaguar on 15th street that has its own Instagram account – have taken this principle to the max. At one point, the car had almost $5000 in unpaid tickets.


    Two tickets and your car gets towed. And if you guys have never seen where they tow the cars it is a must see. I bet there are 1000 cars out there. WHen mine got towed (after two tickets totaling 50 bucks). I took an uber out to the place one hour after it got towed. My total cost for tow, plus tickets and they charged me storage fee (even though it was there less than an hour) was 700 bucks. It was crazy.

  • wouldrathernotsay

    What’s not shown behind the crumpled ticket is that all but 3 of the citations listed have had adjudication requested. This may be the reason that the offending vehicle hasn’t been booted.

  • Shawnnnnn

    I actually love the idea of contesting a ticket to avoid the double the fine penalty but not actually have to pay it within 30 days.

    • ah

      Oh of course . . . pay now or pay later, right?

  • yaasqueen

    I got booted at $900

    • Anonymous

      I got booted after 12 tickets

  • DC1

    https://www.popville.com/2016/04/vehicle-boots/ I believe this car was finally towed at $9k.

    • jzdc

      They still have over $5k in unpaid fines. Though on the bright side, they don’t have any new unpaid tickets since May of last year. Maybe they let the DMV keep the old one (and the fines) and got a new car/plates?


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