• What a shame that they butchered that crepe myrtle (although it’s not nearly as bad as many I’ve seen). In horticulture circles we call this “crepe murder” and I’ve been seeing more and more of it in DC in recent years. I can’t understand why anybody thinks this is either necessary or attractive. Crepe myrtles are beautiful, low-maintenance trees and this kind of pruning not only destroys their natural grace and beauty, it creates completely unneeded yearly maintenance (although if you’re hiring somebody to work for you, I may have just answered my own question).

    • L

      Why does it seem like everyone in DC does this? Does one person see it done and then everyone else follows suit thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do to these poor trees? It makes me nuts.

    • Ken Hines

      As the owner of that house, I can assure you that I would never have chopped away at the crepe myrtle. It’s owned by the house next door. They’re the crepe murderers, not me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Beautiful details


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