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    It *is* private. “Hecht Avenue” is not a public road. Note that these signs aren’t on the adjacent, public Okie & Fenwick.

    • Anonymous

      +1. If something seems amiss, it’s quite possibly your underlying assumption.

      • bents


  • anon

    Not sure about Hecht Warehouse specifically, but developments can have private streets, often ones newly created by the developer as part of a development (see, for instance, Rhode Island Row, which I believe owns its through street). I know of at least once instance in which a previously public street became private as part of a development project: RIA DC’s acquired piece of 14th St. NE, which was handed over as an act of the Council.
    From the RIA DC FAQ (http://riadc.com/faqs/):
    Legislation was approved by the District of Columbia City Council in October 2016 to close that portion of 14th Street and classify it as private property. The legislation also provided that MidCity would also ultimately dedicate several new streets and alleys to the City as the project gets built out. The proposed street grid will improve connectivity and the travel experience through the project. (On a net basis, MidCity is contributing more acreage for new streets and alleys than it is receiving from the City through the closing of a portion of 14th Street.)

  • Anon NS

    It says “street level” not street. I guess I read it differently.

  • MadMax

    You know who would be a great person to ask about this? Someone who works at Hecht Warehouse.

    • AB

      As someone who lives at the Hecht Warehouse, I can assure you a person who works there would not be a good person to ask…

      • CEM

        Lol. Well the company who manages the apartments and the company who manages the parking garage are different so yeah the people who work in the hecht building wouldn’t know. I suspect they started paid parking on that street because residents park there thus leaving no street parking for shoppers … also they parking officers have been really active on okie street… I’m really glad they switched parking management companies though because the old one had good rates and then DOUBLED THEM. And the new place lowered them again. I don’t know why they couldn’t have the city parking meters on that street instead of private though…

        • anon

          Besides the fact that it’s not a public street and the city wouldn’t necessarily want to take responsibility for it back (given that it almost exclusively serves the privately owned buildings and less on the city’s plate is better), it wouldn’t be good for the development either. If parking rates need to come up or down to address market factors related to their retail and housing, management can do that. If it were city metering, it’d be a huge slow deal.


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