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Hold Up? Harris Teeter coming to Walter Reed?!?!?!!! Nope. But to nearby Shepherd Park!

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm 53 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user John M

There was a lot of speculation after Wegmans “looked doubtful” and when we last spoke about the massive Walter Reed development a few weeks ago. Well here we have it according to the new DC Neighborhood Profiles report from the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP):

reed teet

Update: Thanks to all who sent this link from WBJ:

“The District-based Douglas has filed plans with the D.C. Zoning Commission to construct a mixed-use building on a 2-acre site bounded by Eastern Avenue, Georgia Avenue, Alaska Avenue and Kalmia Road NW in Shepherd Park. The project will include 199 multifamily units over 56,079 square feet of retail, anchored by a new Harris Teeter supermarket, and 271 underground parking spaces.”

Coming to McMillan too – but we knew that.

Also of note – DC’s daytime population is 1,145,482 – I’ve always wondered that!

Anyway, you can read the full report here.

  • Brightwoodsy

    No, the Harris Teeter is going in just north of Walter Reed on Georgia Avenue. It’s been planned for a while.


    • Douglas never shares his plans with me. Thanks for this!

    • On Capital Heels

      Agreed. This is very old news!

  • HaileUnlikely

    Not clear whether they mean Walter Reed the complex or whether they are using that to refer to the general area. There has been a Harris Teeter planned for a forthcoming development at Georgia & Eastern (called “Georgia Eastern,” by Douglas Development) forever. I suspect this is what they are actually referring to. FWIW I live a couple blocks northeast of the northeast corner of the Walter Reed complex, and I have seen a few real estate listings for houses for sale very close to mine refer to the neighborhood as “Walter Reed.” we ourselves call it “Takoma” if east of Georgia and “Shepherd Park” if west of Georgia, but apparently at least somebody is calling this whole area “Walter Reed” now.

  • Anonthony

    Where exactly at 14th and U are they putting a Whole Foods? Where the Reeves Center currently stands?

    • Anon


      • Anonthony

        It was a rhetorical question. Calling everything in a 12 block radius “14th and U” is stupid. It’s Shaw.

        • Truxton Thomas

          It’s not Shaw, either.

          • Anonthony

            Then what is it??

          • Truxton Thomas

            I would just say U Street because it’s north of the Florida/U boundary. But there seem to be so many different definitions of Shaw that I shouldn’t be splitting hairs. I retract–sorry.

  • west_egg

    “Whole Foods – 14th & U/Shaw”
    Where does WDCEP think they’re putting this Whole Foods — the Reeves Center?!?

  • HaileUnlikely

    Page 26 (page numbered 26; 62nd actual page of PDF file) clarifies that the Harris Teeter in question is in fact the one planned for the above-referenced Georgia Eastern development, and not in the actual Walter Reed complex, and that the authors are referring to a large chunk of what are now known as Takoma and Shepherd Park collectively as “Georgia Avenue – Walter Reed.”

  • DC Food Desert

    Not one grocery store east of the river? I guess for a population of close to 150,000, two groceries stores should cut it…smh #discrimination

    • DC Food Desert


    • anonymous2u

      It’s probably more of a business decision than discrimination. Jump to conclusions much?

      • Anonthony

        Business decision? Do all those people living east of the river grow their own food?

        • Anonymous

          They probably don’t spend as much money on groceries.

          • anonymous2u


          • stacksp

            Maybe because they don’t have any other options and there is probably more liquor stores and carry outs than anything that resembles a grocery store

          • Anon

            Sure, but from the grocer’s point of view, the “why” isn’t that important. I’m not saying that I agree with this, just explaining their reasoning.

        • Marty

          no, but probably don’t buy as much $$.

        • Duponter

          I’m not agreeing with the morality of it to be honest, but let’s face it, the margins at Whole Foods is probably a great deal higher than the margins at a Safeway. Getting silly white people to pay 3x as much for something probably falsely labeled “organic” or GMO-free is a genius business tactic.

        • Theresa
    • anondc

      Sounds like a great opportunity to go open up more stores!

    • Guillermo Brown

      Maybe socio-economic discrimination, but not racial discrimination, if that’s what you meant. If there are (which I assume to be true) more black residents east of the river, I don’t think grocers are thinking to themselves, “let’s not go there because there are too many black people,” I think they’re thinking to themselves, “let’s not go there because the income levels won’t sustain our costs.” If racial discrimination were the case, there would be little-to-no grocers in Howard or P.G., and I don’t find that to be the case at all

      • Anon

        This. (Though that’s not to say that there aren’t tangible connections between socio-economic and racial discrimination.)

      • Duponter

        Also, the above referenced Harris Teeter on Georgia Avenue, while in a rapidly changing area, is still near neighborhoods predominately black and hispanic.

  • uppermostnorthwest

    Would love a Trader Joe’s in upper NW. Sad the Van Ness plans got blocked. Here’s to being hopeful it resurrects somewhere else!

  • Hill Denizen

    Where is the TJ’s in Union Market going?

    • Anonynon

      theres a building going up along florida that is viewable from NoMA Metro. I believe that is the building

    • AnonV2

      Right next to the old Burger King lot (which is now gone and being dug out for the next project). It’s looking pretty close to opening, building itself looks complete except for some finishes. Here’s hoping for TJs to be ready by the end of summer!

  • John

    There’s no way that the Whole Foods Capitol Riverfront will be open in Q2. From the looks of the buildout right now, Q4 is much much more likely.

  • Anon

    Why are question marks and exclamation points are so popular on Popville?!?!?!!!

    • hahaha it’s true. I promise to ask my therapist at our next session!

      • Interrobang

        Interrobang to the rescue
        ‽ (Hope that shows up properly)

  • transplanted

    a 2-acre site bounded by Eastern Avenue, Georgia Avenue, Alaska Avenue and Kalmia Road NW
    Am I crazy or is that description nonsense? You can’t bound a plot of land by those 4 roads. Are they talking about the area bounded by Easter, Georgia, Juniper and Kalmia?

    • Anonymous

      You are crazy. I’m looking at Google maps right now and I see a plot of land bounded by Eastern, Georgia, Alaska, and Kalmia. I am however struggling to find a plot of land with the boundaries you listed.

      • transplanted

        I am also looking at google maps. The plot I’m describing is where the international market, Golden China carryout, etc. Name a business or address in the plot you are describing, please.

        Alaska and Kalmia intersect west of Georgia; Eastern is east of Georgia. Alaska terminates at Georgia, and doesn’t continue to touch Eastern. There is a small triangle of land bounded by Alaska/Georgia/Kalmia, but it’s bounded by Georgia on the eastern edge and doesn’t reach Eastern, and it’s nowhere near 2 acres.

        • transplanted

          It occurs to me that they may be describing the area where the liquor store / rug store is located, and just misusing the term bounded and describing only three of the edges. That makes more sense in terms of a spot where a Harris Teeter could go.

          • Anonymous

            They’re not misusing it, you’re misunderstanding it. “Bounded” is often used when indicating *all* boundaries but it can actually be used to indicate just one or more boundaries..

        • Anonymous

          Eastern is also west of Georgia, look there. It’s labeled Shepherd Park Shopping Center. I see where you’re talking about now – go next block north and on the other side of Georgia.

  • gotryit

    No, because Wegmans will be opening in Walter Reed and I refuse to listen to anyone who says otherwise.

    • Reed_Walter

      So if Wegman’s really can’t reach an agreement with Walter Reed (and I understand that is the current state of play), I struggle to understand what will go there as an anchor store.

      I believe it has been decided that it will be a grocery store. Based on proximity to other stores I think we can rule out:
      Safeway (0.2 miles)
      Walmart (0.6 miles)
      Harris Teeter (new one discussed, 0.9 miles)
      Whole Foods (2 miles)
      Giant (2 miles)

      Based on size of the store, I think we can rule out:
      Trader Joe’s
      Yes Organic Market

      Based on the market I think we can rule out:
      Shoppers Club

      So is the developer assuming that one of the existing stores in close proximity will want to move? Safeway seems like the only likely option there, but I have heard zero rumblings about that.

      Any thoughts?

      • jumpingjack

        I still continue to believe that there will be a Wegman’s there, despite all evidence to the contrary.
        Weirdly, Whole Foods is the other grocer that has expressed interest in the site, despite its closeness to Silver Spring.
        It was recently announced that there will be an Aldi at the Staples site, on Georgia just inside the Beltway.

        • gotryit

          You’re absolutely right. Wegmans it is. Repeat after me until it happens.

        • Rich

          Whole Foods seems more likely to do an Everyday365 here if they do anything, unless they want to replace DTSS, which seems like a cramped poorly run store—they’ve lately been closing stores and become an acquisition target. Their year-to-year same store sales haven’t been growing and they’re believed to have too much expensive real estate.

  • Rich

    This project has been on and off a couple times–the H-T at the tip of DC. As for the endless desire for new Whole Foods stores, the chain actually has been closing stores; having problems with performance and with Wall Street–Kroger and Albertson’s (parent of Safeway) have reportedly been taking a look at them.

  • Anonymous

    Not mentioned in the WDCEP table are the two grocery stores planned on Wisconsin Avenue, just north of the new Giant in Cleveland Park. There is one planned in the development that will replace Fannie Mae, and another in the redevelopment of 4000 Wisconsin Avenue, just north of Fannie Mae. Plans for 4000 Wisconsin Avenue are on the DCOP web-site under large tract review.

    • Raya

      I heard today that Total Wine will be the retail tenant once 4000 Wisconsin is redeveloped. Is there enough room for them and a grocery store at this site?

      • Anonymous

        According to the March 2017 filing on the Office of Planning web-site, there will be 126,917 square feet of retail space. The plans show space for “grocery mechanical” servicing a very large area with very high ceilings on a below grade level, and the traffic study includes a 60,200 SF supermarket. There is also 22,598 SF of other retail and about 50,000 SF for a health/fitness club. It could be that they are considering repurposing the area that is drawn as a grocery store to be a liquor superstore. Getting ABRA approval for a large Class A Retail location might be difficult. Total Wine had attempted to locate a large liquor store in Friendship Heights, seeking to sell beer, wine and spirits, but withdrew its application.

  • JT

    I’m just excited that that TJ in the Hine site thinks it will be open within 6 months. It all looks so far from finished.

  • Captain Obvious

    So Morris-Miller will be going away? That’s a shame, I always liked that building/sign, its been there a long time.


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