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The Sound that has Now Terrified a 70 Pound Pitmix

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2017 at 1:40 pm 6 Comments

cat scare

“Dear PoPville,

My outdoor camera captured this animal early in the morning. Not sure if it’s a cat or less likely a raccoon but my dog is too afraid to walk down the stairs lately. Can anyone help identify this?!


I did move my camera, and caught the culprit on camera last night. Alley cat.

My only hope is that a bird was making that noise and it was just a coincidence! My 70lb pit mix is terrified to go down the basement stairs so fingers crossed it’s really just the cat!”

Video here (you’ll want to turn up the sound).

  • Anonymous

    I came out on my deck this morning to let my dog out and found what looked a scene as if a bird was attacked as there were feathers all over my patio furniture. I looked all over to see if I found a bird caucus but to no avail. I then reviewed my security camera and saw that it was a raccoon hanging out on my deck. All of a sudden a ton of fur fell of the raccoon and remained on my furniture. Not sure why at that moment as it was going back and forth for a few minutes then all of a sudden a pile fur could be seen everywhere.

  • JoDa

    Sounds like a raccoon to me…

  • Tony

    It sounds like a really pissed off squirrel, possibly fighting for his life.

  • Margaret

    That’s a pissed off bird.

  • dlcoronado

    Sounds like a starling. Cat probably got into or too close to its nest.

  • Kelnp

    After seeing the cat on my second video, I feel much more confident that this is not a raccoon. That initial noise sounded too much like a raccoon for my comfort! Now, I need to figure out why my dog is afraid of Rocket (we named the cat of course).


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