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  • KellyKapowski

    Holy crap! Hope everyone is ok!

  • Garrett

    I hope the one on the left didn’t throw his back out.

  • BooSanta

    Good on the Eagles fan. Putting a lifetime of dealing with dumpster fires to good use.

    • jim_ed

      It would explain why he kept screaming “God Damn you, Chip Kelly!” the entire time.

  • KenyonDweller

    It’s super insulting to refer to someone as “elderly” when they are clearly not. That guy may have grey hair, but he doesn’t look particularly old to me. He is obviously very capable

    • Anon X

      Damn. Someone struck a nerve. Are you in the premature gray support group?

      I’m thinking it’s a joke. Maybe PoP knows him? Consider that?

      It’s time for people to relax on this blog. Everyone is always looking for a chance to be offended. Calm the fuck down.

      • FridayGirl

        I mean, I had the same thought. It sounds like you might be the one who can’t figure out how to calmly voice their disagreement…..

        • ombudsman

          SMH… The “elderly” guy is Matt Croke from BS and PoP is clearly poking fun – temper the outrage

          • FridayGirl

            Then someone could have just said that! Thank you for finally just saying that! (Seriously! These are happy exclamations not yelling ones.)

          • textdoc

            It’s not “clearly poking fun” — if it were, everyone would have gotten the joke and it would have needed no explaining.
            Inside jokes don’t work well with broad audiences.

    • Common Sense

      True but it looks like he’s really struggling to get that fence open. Could be arthritic. I’m going to swing by in the AM and get the 4-1-1.

      • Anon

        It’ll be way too late. He may be dead by then.

    • Anon

      “He is obviously very capable” – do you see all that leg extension? you gotta get proper leverage from below, from the legs

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Looks like a big pile of trash. Is it from the liquor store or the bakery?

    • Anon

      My guess is liquor store. Alcohol is a lot more flammable than flour.

      • FridayGIrl

        No one is throwing out alcohol. It was probably just boxes.

      • Shaw Neighbor

        Actually, that’s not necessarily true. From Wikipedia: “Flour dust suspended in air is explosive—as is any mixture of a finely powdered flammable substance with air (see dust explosion). Some devastating explosions have occurred at flour mills, including an explosion in 1878 at the Washburn “A” Mill in Minneapolis which killed 22 people.”

        So, it could have been flour, boxes, or alcohol (or many other things). Popville, any updates on how the bakery and liquor store are doing? Were they damaged?

  • Jergiffo

    That dude has NO ass.

  • lmfb

    So, I assume everyone was okay? And were the buildings next to the fire damaged?

  • Rom

    The “old dude” owns boundary stone

  • cyg

    Honestly, if I had a blog I’d use it to publically make fun of my friends too…

    • dcd

      I may start one for that reason alone.

    • Only on Sundays when things are slow :)


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