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  • DRC

    “Not sure how this happened” Physics, basically. SUV runs light, white car hits SUV in the side of the rear wheel. SUV slides sideways, catches traction (or hits curb), and rolls over. Easy-peasy.

    • Kingman Park

      Quite presumptive of you. How do you know the white car didn’t run the light?

    • Patrick Division

      Alternative theory: Stupid people do stupid things.

  • MadMax

    3rd recent one, all in NE. Would be nice if we got some traffic enforcement or speed bumps like NW.

    • Anon

      Speed bumps are already on several of the streets within the surrounding neighborhood. Plus this accident occurred at an intersection with a light. And there’s already a speed trap on Florida Ave NE in front of Gallaudet.

  • madmonk28

    I find this one easier to understand, it is at an intersection and another car was involved. The ones I find baffling are the flipped cars in the middle of a block with no other car involved in the accident.

  • Accountering

    Again – people, if you are going to take a picture of a flipped car, please make sure you are close enough/at the right angle to capture the Maryland license plate. It makes it so much easier when the the populace can confirm their pre-existing notions.

  • anon

    People – pay attention to your goddamn driving! Don’t run red lights, don’t text while you drive, don’t speed, don’t blow through stop signs. There are people walking in these neighborhoods that could get seriously hurt or killed by your laziness and carelessness.


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