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Cleveland Park’s New Farmers Market “anticipates opening on Saturday, June 3”!!

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2017 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

3412 Connecticut Ave, NW looking north towards the Uptown Theater

Somehow controversial, the Cleveland Park farmers market is a go!!! [Ed. Note: Service lane, you’re next!!!]

The Cleveland Park Business Association shares the good news:

“We are very happy to announce the long-awaited launch of the Cleveland Park Farmers Market! Permit applications have been submitted and we anticipate opening on Saturday, June 3. The Farmers Market will operate outdoors every Saturday morning from 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM, in the heart of the Cleveland Park on the West Side Sidewalk of Connecticut Avenue between Newark Street and the Uptown Theater.

This year’s launch of the Farmers Market is in direct response to a survey conducted in the Community. We were delighted to learn from the survey that an overwhelming 88% of respondents supported the Farmers Market and 80% of respondents intend to shop at the neighborhood businesses when they came to the Farmers Market. “We are hoping that the Farmers Market will remind and encourage the community to shop at and support their local bricks and mortar businesses all week. ” says Susan Lihn, owner of Wake Up Little Suzie, and CPBA’s Board Co-Chair.

CPBA has hired an experienced Market Manager to operate the Market. “We will track the impact of the market on our member businesses and make any needed improvements and changes to ensure that the Farmers Market is helpful to the local businesses and community” continues Pierre Abushacra, owner of Firehook Bakery & Coffeehouse and CPBA Board member.

“The Cleveland Park neighborhood business district is one of the few remaining places in the whole city where you can do your weekly shopping, drop off your dry cleaning, mail a letter, pick up groceries and wine, grab your pet supplies, shop for the perfect gift for a friend, enjoy a bite to eat at the many different restaurants, complete an arts & crafts project with your family, or take in a movie all within a two block area. Truly it is the neighborhood where one can live, shop and play in an urban, yet friendly, welcoming, family friendly residential neighborhood. And we hope that the Farmers Market will add to the sense of community that we have in Cleveland Park,” Lihn added.”

  • Cleo42

    I know I’m showing my ignorance, but can someone explain how/why a farmers market would be controversial?

    • PM

      According to the CP listserv hivemind a farmers’ market in our neighborhood will cause not only the Brookville and Yes supermakets to go out of business but vanquish all other farmers’ markets in the immediate vicinity as well.

      • gingersnap92

        WOOOO :) So excited for this despite the neighborhood listserv’s ire. I live a few blocks away and can’t wait for this to begin! And honestly it will probably make me stop at Brookville or Yes! more often after the farmer’s market.

    • anon

      EVERYTHING new in Cleveland Park is controversial.
      I get it, now. My neighbors in my condo building here are way, way different in their busybody attitudes than my largely (but not entirely) demographically similar neighbors in a similar building a mile close to Dupont Circle were.

    • Brookville Market is opposed to the farmers’ market. Yes Market is supportive, indicating that they tend to see an uptick in business at other locations due to folks buying complementary products. My guess is that Brookville will also see an uptick, even though they currently think of the farmers’ market as direct competition.
      I’m looking forward to the market. Cleveland Park businesses need more residents walking around the commercial strip on a regular basis.

  • Swaz

    Oh the listserv will go bonkers over this. This should carry enough outrage for some get them through the weekend.

  • anonymous

    How many people ONLY shop once a week at the Farmers market and never have a need to shop at these other neighborhood markets? I guess if you buy everything else on Amazon, this might be a legitimate concern for the other markets, but if this is the case, then they really need to re-evaluate the market.

  • CathedralHeightsMetro

    Well, I live about a mile away and actually have been hoping for a farmers market to come to the area–I genuinely will walk over there once it opens to pick up some things, and, hey, MAYBE I’ll be prompted to visit another Cleveland Park business while I’m over there (I don’t go to CP much otherwise).

    Take that, listserve.

    • John

      In what direction are you about a mile from Cleveland Park without another farmer’s market on your walk to CP?
      Going south, there is one in Glover Park at 37th & O and in Woodley Park at the Maret school. Going West there is one in Cathedral Heights at Mass & Idaho. Going North there is one in Van Ness on Connecticut. Going East there is one in Mt. Pleasant in Lamont Park.


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