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Uptown Market, “high end market and food hall”, coming to Cleveland Park!! (and a Farmers Market)

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2017 at 10:30 am 31 Comments

uptown market
3412 Connecticut Ave, NW

Hold on to your hats Cleveland Park, after some recent retail sadness, something to celebrate! From the owner of the Uptown Tap House (formerly 4Ps):

“We are working to keep the space active after being vacant for so long to bring something fresh and relevant for the neighborhood. We are talking with event space managers and a farmer’s market to go in after the People’s Movement vacates and in place until we break ground on the Uptown Market (which is a working name for now) which will be a high end market and food hall and are actively talking with established local restaurants and unique concepts from all over the US & abroad.

Stay tuned for many updates on both the Farmers Market and the future Uptown Market.

  • Cleveland Park runner

    It’s hazy on the details, but I’m very excited to see what they bring to that woefully empty space.

  • CP Resident

    So, basically Dean & DeLuca? Sorry if I am a little pessimistic on that working out, but I could be wrong.

  • CathedralHeightsMetro

    Didn’t the existing Cleveland Park grocery stores get really upset about a proposed farmers market a few years ago, and threaten that they’d “go out of business” if one came to the neighborhood? If I remember correctly, that killed the idea of a CP farmers market, which was really annoying. (I hope I am not making this up?) I wonder how those grocery stores feel about this new venture.

    In general I’m interested in this idea for the space, although I hope “high end” doesn’t mean “stupidly overpriced.”

    • Anonster

      Good memory! Brookville Market was the lone business opponent in 2014 when the farmers market last came up. I believe the ANC ended up recommending against a farmers market, because who needs healthy competition.

    • CathedralHeightsMetro
    • gp

      Lol, or a couple of months ago on the listserv when someone dared – dared! – to suggest that CP get a farmers market.

    • Cleveland Park runner

      The farmers market issue has reemerged, at least on the CP listserv. Opposition continues to come from Brookville and people who think Brookville will die with competition.

  • Former CP resident

    The space isn’t quite large enough, but I still hope that it’ll be more “food hall” than “market.” The one in Union Market is great but somewhat of a hike from Cleveland Park. Uptown Market planners, if you’re reading this, take some ideas from the Amsterdam Foodhallen (http://foodhallen.nl/).

    • maxwell smart

      Agreed on being more food hall. There are already enough grocers on this block alone, let alone this area of town. Obviously this space isn’t going to be a Chelsea Market or Reading Terminal, but something of that vibe – a mix of local artists and various small food vendors, could be really cool. That said, I don’t see how this location supports that. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

      • Anonynon

        is DC running low on ‘artisinal’ concepts and farmers markets? Theres only so much produce to go around without complete saturation? Seems like every neighborhood has one now….I remember when it was mainly just eastern market

        • All about those fresh beets

          It is running low. Many neighborhoods still don’t have access to good produce. There are some good farmers markets around town but certainly not too many. Dupont circle is a mad house on the weekends. Palisades is cute but usually shopped out by 10 and that’s not even close to a metro. In a perfect world, there would be a farmers market at every metro at least once a week. I grew up here and access to good produce and fresh food was rare. It’s better now but I think it still has a lot of room to grow.

          • You are aware that Target, Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Trader Joes and every other grocery store now offers a good selection of fresh organic produce every day all over the city?

          • All about those fresh beets

            Target, Giant and Safeway? Their produce is terrible and it’s been shipped in from all over the world and usually tastes like cardboard by the time it arrives here. Giant. I also don’t get why anyone wouldn’t want to encourage people to buy from local farms. The food tastes better, it’s almost always cheaper, and you’re supporting a local business and farm. Also there are plenty of neighborhoods in this great city that still lack a decent grocery store within walking distance.

          • Truth

            palisades farmers market opens at 9am on Sundays and is never sold out or even closely depleted by 10am

          • All about those fresh beets

            You’re right. It was 10:45. I said “shopped out” meaning most of the popular stuff is gone. Sold out would be an accomplishment although the flower stall was sold out and there was no raw honey by the time I got there (liquid gold for allergy sufferers this time of year). I walked away with about half of what I went there for. It’s a great market and I’d love to see more like it in other neighborhoods.

        • lizcolleena

          Union Market and Eastern Market seem pretty jam-packed every time I’m there (once a month to one or the other). And both are pretty far from this neighborhood, so it could certainly do well.
          As for farmer’s markets, there is one halfway down the hill in the lot behind that church on Cathedral that’s small but decent.

          • Contessa of Cleveland Park

            I think you mean the Twin Springs Fruit Farm market held at the Maret School, 3000 Cathedral Ave., on Saturdays from 8:30 – 12:30. It used to be held behind All Souls Episcopal Church, 2300 Cathedral Ave., until a couple of years ago when the church needed the space as a staging area while building a new addition. I thought the move was temporary but there’s no sign the market will return to All Souls. Too bad, I thought it was a better location.

  • Anonthony

    The phrase “working to keep the space active after being vacant for so long” kind of makes it sound like it’s going to be a temporary setup until a permanent tenant is found. It’s a large space and there’s definitely a lot of potential here. A successful food hall at this location could potentially be a game changer for the neighborhood.

  • uppermostnorthwest

    This is probably the best news I’ve heard all day. Finally some movement on this space.
    In regards to the Farmer’s Market discussion. From my recollection, the survey results suggested that the neighborhood was largely in favor of a farmer’s market, despite some folks thinking it would put Brookeville market out of business (unless I am getting this confused with just the general sentiment). My hope is that the ANC will move in favor of the neighborhood at large instead of protecting smaller special interests.

    • Bob

      I remember this too. The survey indicated something like 85% of Cleveland Park residents strongly support a farmer’s market on Conn. Ave. near the metro, and would actually patronize the stores on Conn. Ave. more if there was a reason to go there. But, the typical loudmouths on the Cleveland Park listserv lamented that the sky was falling and that Brookville would almost certainly go out of business if a farmer’s market were allowed. Frankly, Brookville is dirty and expensive, and could use a kick in the pants.

      It’s good to know that most of Cleveland Park is actually sensible, and the loudmouths on the listserve are simply the loudest. I remember reading some ridiculous listserv posts that suggested a Cleveland Park farmer’s market was unnecessary because people can simply drive to other farmer’s markets, like the one in Palisades. ARGH!!!!

      • maxwell smart

        You know though, it’s the loudmouths on the listserv that will show up at any ANC meeting in full force and fight tooth and nail to get any development shut down.

        • uppermostnorthwest

          Sounds like we’ve got some organizing to do!

          • UrbanCP

            No, the long term plan is the “Union Market” concept. The short term plan is pop-ups like the recent Climate Change march folks, and they may offer space to the farmers market, which is being organized by the CP Business Association. The “Uptown Market” will be a dozen or so independent vendors. I’m told there will be prepared food, but also a butcher, a fish monger, a cheese place, possibly a small florist. What’s good about the model (hopefully) is that if one vendor fails or pulls out, it can be replaced, without closing the whole enterprise down. The farmers market is planning to occupy the sidewalk from Chipotle to the Xfinty driveway, and I think is aiming for start date of first week in June, Saturday mornings.

          • UrbanCP

            (My previous comment was meant for an earlier post) Yes, go to the ANC meetings. If you can’t, they are live streamed at facebook.com/CPintheCity. Join the CP Citizens Association – they can play a positive role if infused with new blood. CP has two new ANC commissioners (Emma Hersh & Beau Finley), and Woodley Park one new commissioner (Jessica Wasserman) – all three are putting a focus on urban vitality for the area. There is talk of getting organized for BID for the area, which would be big boost for the retail environment. Any change is going is going to be opposed by someone, and yes, those people are the ones who typically show up to meetings. CP has a bad rep for saying no, and so many interesting businesses and chefs just by-pass the area rather than deal with the headache. Get involved!

      • Swaz

        To be fair, it does sit between two farmer’s markets which are both metro accessible. Does each neighborhood really need a farmer’s market every weekend?

        The people who wanted it are also the people that hate 7-11 and the design of the new library. Or were they ones that lament the closing of the Yogiberry and Secolari. It is so hard to keep track sometimes with those people.

  • DanielleF

    This will never come to fruition. I grew up in CP and I know that change occurs at a glacial pace there. The Brookville market old guard will fight this tooth and nail. They would rather see a mattress store or a tanning salon move in to that space. Change on the avenue is not something they want to see happen.

  • kwillkat

    Oh joy — $10 for 1 ounce of micro greens. : Can’t wait :

    • AnneP

      you don’t have to shop there.

  • MtP

    I am cautiously optimistic about this. If, as UrbanCP says above, this has some good prepared food (or a bagel counter?!), a good butcher, cheese, and a florist, I think this will fit a neighborhood need perfectly. YES! has good produce, but honestly, the rest of the store isn’t great (though the staff is super friendly). Brookville is good for quick staples, but is overpriced and dirty, as mentioned. I’m really hoping they pull this off and make it work.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you are describing the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market on Wisconsin Avenue.

  • Reality

    Really hopeful something permanent moves in! This idea sounds very interesting and I’d go there.


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