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by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2017 at 1:15 pm 20 Comments

Too cool – had to share this photo 9:30 Club tweeted out on their anniversary yesterday:

Happy 37th anniversary if my math is correct!!

Today ’tis a J. Crew of course:

950 F Street, NW

  • anon29

    Saw the dead milkmen there in 94-95ish. They had a freak show open for them with people eating light bulbs and other miscellaneous oddities. All around good time.

    • Margrave of Mt. Vernon

      Not to mention all the things the freakshow performers were eating!

    • Native

      Anyone remember the name of that sideshow? Old age has set in.

      • Bobert

        Not positive about the name, but I’m pretty sure they’re running Congress now.

      • mondo

        Was it the Jim Rose Circus?

        • Autoexec.bat

          Has to be right. There were also touring with NIN around that time too and I specifically remember the eating the light bulb (made of crystalized sugar, I am assuming) and hanging of cinder blocks from some dude’s nipples.

  • AnonV2

    Oh, man. I know it’s some dumb badge of honor to some to have “known” the Old 9:30, but that really was a special place in DC at a time where there wasn’t much else around. So many late 80s/early 90s memories. I may still have a scar on my scalp from that stupid f*cking pole in the middle of the room.

    • saf

      I loved that place. Also DC Space. And, unlike many 9:30 folks, the Bayou too.

      • AnonV2

        And for a brief time, The Citadel Center. Many awesome shows there for bands that were a little too big for the old 9:30.

        • saf

          Ah yes. I saw Tin Machine there. Can’t go in that Harris Teeter without visualizing David Bowie.

      • Vered

        And (really going back) the Cellar Door.

    • anon

      doesn’t original 9:30 to J Crew today pretty much sum up DC?

      I console myself by the remarkable perseverance of the current 9:30 and Black Cat to remain viable in areas with enormous gentrification pressure. Many other great clubs in other big cities have folded.

      • Joshua

        Yes, that pretty much sums it up. There are countless other examples as well. And I worry a little bit about the current 9:30 Club’s location. The area seems to be rapidly going high end; how long till the new, well-heeled residents get tired of having a major music venue next door?

  • Planner

    I used to work upstairs in the Atlantic Building. While it was great to have easy access to 930 for drinks after work, the downside was Monday mornings when the building reeked of beer, like the aftermath of a frat party. (The real highlight was Ethelyne, the elevator operator!)

  • Carey

    The building itself doesn’t really exist anymore. They preserved the façade, but everything else behind it is new construction. That photo is from a fascinating set of photos and floorplans from the Library of Congress’s Historic American Buildings Survey.

  • DC Rat

    The Police, Dead Milkmen, the dude with the Betamax Camcorder balancing on a pole, the long walk in the alley to the ticketbooth, smoking pot in the bathrooms….to seeing the very first show at the new spot with the Smashing Pumpkins. The best was the notorious giant rats that were in the alley where the bands loaded in on F St and one week after the launch of the early 90’s website for the current location the Flash Banner saying “The Rats are Back!” Amazing both spots!

  • dcduchess

    Many wild nights at 9:30 with the monster rats, loud bands and strong drinks from friends… People can’t believe it when I tell them it was a ghost town here in “Penn Quarter” after dark. Anyone remember the peep show store down the street ?

    • AMDCer

      Or that nobody called it “Penn Quarter” back then – and you did NOT want to loiter there after dark!

    • DCrat

      absolutely. I worked across from the show and had a window office. I knew the perverts enough (from afar) that I has nicknames for them.

  • soulshadow55

    I saw the Busboys at the 9:30 Club. They were in one of Eddie Murphy’s movies. Speaking of Eddie Murphy, I saw him at the Bayou back in the 1980’s. Good times in old D.C.


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