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  • DC20009

    Wheel locks?

    • JDR

      my neighbor had two sets stolen with wheel locks. Exact same model car.

  • Will

    It all depends on your attitude. It seems to me like that’s just an opportunity to get new wheels/tires.

  • spookiness

    Honda Accord “sport” package wheels are a popular target. There have been several pieces on car blogs about those.

  • navyard

    I don’t really care what my wheels / tires look like, but I never want to be a target. Can anyone suggest what kind of wheels I should get on my next car to make sure no one wants to steal them? Can I just drive into a few curbs to lessen the appeal? (I’m actually serious)

    • spookiness

      Drive into curbs, get locks, or just buy a low end car with steel wheels and plastic hubcaps. Or, swap cheaper wheels from a lower trim level of whatever car you have. Given DC driving and street conditions, a case can be made against large diameter wheels and low-profile tires in favor of smaller wheels and tires with taller sidewalls. But that’s another discussion.

  • Steve Parsons

    That is in front of Amidon-Bowen Elementary School. There may be security cameras.

    But I get the sense the MPD doesn’t really care about this crime.


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