• Rob

    They’re patio has been closed for a couple of months now. Seems like any average business owner could been on top of this? Maybe there’s more to it?

    • Rob


  • BN

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been so curious why the patio has been closed but have never gotten close enough to read the sign…

  • Anonymouse

    Well, it was about that time I begin to get suspicious. I said, “Chef, my boy, why do you need tree-fitty?” He said, “My imaginary friend Boo-Boo the dinosaur wants it.” So I went to my son’s room, and sure enough, there was that damn Loch Ness Monster!

  • L

    omg this post literally almost gave me a heart attack b/c I read this as THREE FIFTY BAKERY CLOSED.

    The patio has been closed for awhile now (as you may have noticed with other outdoor patios). While it seems to be taking awhile, I don’t think this is on the owner at all, but that it is just a waiting game. Hopefully it opens soon! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!


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