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The Eleanor, Bowling Lounge, Bar & Grille, Coming to Ivy City!!

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2017 at 10:30 am 19 Comments

Eleanor ivy city

Holy mackerel – my dream is becoming a reality!! For those still doubting the hotness of Ivy City – behold The Eleanor from Adam Stein and Nick Freshman:

“The Eleanor will be a Bar and Restaurant from several of the city’s industry veterans. Located at 1900 Kendall Street, Washington, D.C. in the Ivy City Neighborhood, the space is just under 7000 square feet to accommodate four bowling lanes, event/music space, movie screen, bar, arcade, large outdoor patio, and kitchen. From bar stools, to high-top seating, couches/lounge areas for seating at the lanes, and outdoor patio, we are expecting an occupancy of around 300 people.

The Eleanor is an idea fifteen years in the making. It originated in Yellow Springs, Ohio while Chef/ Owner Adam Stein attended school at Antioch College where a ten-lane bowling alley was for sale. Stein knew opening a venue with bowling lanes was something he wanted to do. Long story short, the lanes were sold and parted out to make room for a parking lot.

The Eleanor will offer a wide range of cocktails with many house-made components, mid-Atlantic draft beer, and an exciting bar menu featuring regional products in an approachable way. High open ceilings, concrete walls and floors will set the stage for a funky industrial space that will house four bowling lanes, movie screen, music venue, and nostalgic arcade games. Casual bistro meets art deco bowling alley is the aim.

The kitchen will focus on Adam Stein’s track record of sourcing sustainably from the region and in season. Daily food specials will be available to showcase the scratch kitchen and available products throughout the year. Fresh takes with attention to detail will be the hallmark.
The large outdoor space allows for special food events such as crab boils, pig and lamb roasts, and smokers for BBQ.

The heart of The Eleanor will be a multi-use space with stage and large movie screen. Along with offering regular nostalgic and holiday themed movies throughout the year, the screen can be used for first-run independent films from artists in the region, video game competitions, slide shows and presentations for events, coordinating visuals for music performances, and not to mention sporting events.”

I guess this is what I needed to finally download one of those fandagled car sharing apps the kids are always talking about. Buckle up and stay tuned for many updates as they get closer to opening!

  • Anonynon

    sounds like a good concept, also sounds expensive and with only 4 lanes difficult to get a game in? Either way good news for ivy city

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yeah, this isn’t going to substitute for my desire to go out to the suburbs for a crappy bowling alley and dinner at Red Lobster, which will be happening.

      • Anonynon

        hahaha can we be friends? AMC shady grove?

        • Truxton Thomas

          I think that’s exactly what my wife said is near her office. I’m so in.

          • Tom

            Oh man I need to find this place. Last I ventured out was the duckpin one out at White Oak shopping center.

          • Truxton Thomas

            Looks like it’s been revamped and gone fancy, but it is still next door to a Red Lobster. If I can find something dumpy and old-fashioned, that would be preferred.


          • anon

            AMF College Park prob fits the bill.

      • Anonthony

        We definitely need more bowling alleys like that.

  • Truxton Thomas

    This could be amazing. Think they allow kids? I’m just kidding about that second part!

  • stacksp

    Seems legit…Will try it out.

    • stacksp

      Never mind. Only 4 lanes. Didn’t see that part initially…

  • skj84

    Wow. That is an ambitious concept. I hope it works out, this could be a hot spot to visit. Look forward to opening.

  • MtP

    There is a place sort of like this in Chicago, I think Southport Bowl or something. Its not a full-fledged bowling alley (only 4 lanes), but it really is more of a bar with the option of bowling. There’s a place in Philly like this too, but I forget the name. If they can pull it off, I think its a great neighborhood concept.

    • Ben

      Also a place in Nashville – Pinewood social. Although they have 6 “vintage” lanes

  • hungeegirl

    I see a pinball image. HOW MUCH PINBALL WILL IT HAVE?! Please say more than one table, and please keep them in working order (coughcough ATLASARCADE)

    • Anonthony

      Have you been to Lyman’s? I don’t know the condition of their machines, but they have a bunch of them.

      • Black Cat Too

        The Lyman’s machines are generally in great shape. And it’s a good lineup of games. League is Thursday (tonight) 8:30pm , or Monday 2:30pm. Guesting is free!

      • Ben

        +1 to Lyman’s! Black cat is also in the same league (Sunday’s). Another good spot is Vuk in Bethesda.

        Avoid playing pinball at Merdian – they poorly maintain their machines.

  • neighbor

    any word on when they’re shooting to open? excited for ivy city!


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