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TaKorean opens on U Street Tomorrow (Tues.) First 100 Get a Free Meal!

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2017 at 3:30 pm 17 Comments

1301 U Street, NW

From an email:

TaKorean will open its fourth location in D.C. on Tuesday, April 18th at 1301 U Street NW. [Opens at 11am]

To celebrate, the first 100 guests at each TaKorean location will receive a free meal (up to a $9 value) on April 18th!”

Check out their menu here.

  • Anon

    Hmm. What time would I need to get there, do you think? I live in building….

    • Anon

      You can afford to live in this building but you’re willing to wait in a (presumably) long line for a free taco?

      • FridayGirl


        • Anon (first)

          Et tu, FridayGirl? You are usually nice!
          Everyone has been so snippy on here lately. PSA: It’s not always required that your response makes a joke at someone else’s expense. Before being too pleased with yourself for a snarky comment, consider that you may not know someone’s circumstances….

          • FridayGirl

            I was less laughing at you and more laughing at the lengths people go for free things in this city generally.

      • Anon (first)

        Yes because I’m unemployed (hopefully temporarily, but then I got pregnant so I’m basically unemployable for the next 6 months bc ain’t no one hiring a blatantly pregnant lady!) So, yes, I pay high rent per lease, I’m broke, hungry, and have lots of time on my hands. What’s it to you?
        Now, does anyone have anything responsive to say in response to my question?

        • Anonymous

          Your best bet is to go outside and check at 845am. I can’t imagine things being quite as bonkers as when a Chick-fil-A opens since there is no prospect of a bunch of free meals for a year.

          • MadMax

            They’re only giving away $9 on a Tuesday in an area that’s usually cleaned out because people are working further downtown. I imagine there won’t be much of a line.

          • FridayGirl

            Ok, that’s enough snark now anonymous. One was enough, and the other anon beat you to it.
            Also, first anon, I personally feel like 10:30am in that area would be a decent bet… maybe 10am if you’re feeling really ambitious. I know the Cava opening in Dupont had a huge line around 10am but that was in Dupont, so…

      • Anonynon

        that was pretty good. I have to admit.

  • GBinCH

    I don’t get this – I walked by on Friday and people were in there eating. Was that the soft open? Do fast food places even do soft opens?!

    • FridayGirl

      Ick, that happened when Eatsa first opened too and I was annoyed! People were there eating so I tried to stop in a little bit later and they wouldn’t let me in! They said it was friends and family only! So I guess it could have been that kind of thing?

  • Anonynon

    Why not offer paying customers $1 off their first taco. I think all around that ‘model’ works a lot better than this ‘free’ wait in line ‘craze’ that appears to be happening across DC on a weekly basis. Cool that this is now an option on U street

    • textdoc

      A free meal is (IMO) a lot more newsworthy/buzzworthy/enticing than a dollar-off offer. Doesn’t seem like a bad way to drum up publicity.

  • MadMax

    They were OK for like the first two weeks their truck was in operation, and it’s only gone downhill from there.

    • MtP

      Agree completely (though I give them credit for at least a few months, maybe a year or so, of the truck being good). I was shocked at how bad (dry, flavorless) it was last time I tried it.

  • northeazy

    Anything less than 3 months of free food and I am not interested. I waited in line for Mason Dixie’s opening Saturday. I grossly underestimated the turnout and did not get a free food pass. I will NOT be making that mistake for the Maryland Ave. CFA.


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