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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Fantastic vacation full of volcanoes, sun, birds and monkeys
    Rave: After being awakened by loud birds every morning DC sounds extremely quiet
    Rave: DC looks pretty with all the green trees
    Rant: Monkeys throwing feces at me but
    Rave: I got the pictures

  • Rant: I feel like a broken record, but ugh on mtpkiddo’s sleep! Couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 10, then was up for 1.5-2 hours in the middle of the night. Needless to say, getting her up and moving was a challenge this morning. I’m at a loss.
    Rave: At least she liked the Moody Cow & Piggy meditation books (especially moody cow). I think making a “mind jar” and working on breathing exercises might be on the agenda for this weekend.
    Rave: Mtpbaby woke up so super chipper. Thank goodness someone did in our house! His smile and giggle lifted everyone’s spirits this morning. (textdoc–I’m still contemplating the name reshuffling… )

    • Oh–and to anyone with small (or even formerly small) children–if you haven’t seen the video of Ludacris rapping “Llama Llama”, you have to watch it. Absolutely hilarious.

    • In elementary school, our guidance counselor came into class to give us stress management techniques during school testing. The most helpful one was to tense up each body part and then release. You can use creative imagery to help (“imagine an elephant standing on your tummy; tense up to engage abs and then let it go…). That might be a helpful thing that she can do when laying in bed at night. Have you also thought of liquid melatonin? I have friends with toddlers who have sleep challenges and their pediatrician signed off on it. A few nights of it may be enough to help “reset” her sleep clock. I would just give it a half hour or so before her bedtime so it starts to kick in when she’s supposed to be in bed. Good luck! It seems like the sleep challenges never really end, just evolve as the littles grow.

      • I read that at first as “liquid meditation” instead of “melatonin” and I thought “Are you suggesting dosing the kid with wine?! I mean, I’m on board, but…”

        • Hahaha – that made me snort. I think the “liquid meditation” should be reserved for the parents.

          • We’ve let our kids have sips of wine for Shabbat dinner/blessings since they were infants. And now both of them love wine. I’m sure mtpkiddo would absolutely be on board with some “liquid meditation”, though I don’t think her moms or her pediatrician would be fans of that idea!

          • ha! I love you, mtpresident, you and mtpwife seem to be doing a great job at this whole parenting adventure!

          • I gave Baby Artie a sip of champagne during new year’s eve, and he reached for the champagne flute, wanting a second sip. He is my child.

          • Thanks, LBP! We’re certainly trying to. Hopefully our kids will agree with that assessment down the road : )
            Artemis–how funny, you never know what tastes kids will respond to. Mtpkiddo used to like drinking my coffee (some milk, no sugar) and insist that it was yummy. I certainly thought so, but didn’t expect her to agree!

      • The breathing exercises are a similar idea (especially with the visual of glitter settling in a jar of water)–perhaps I’ll try that as well, though. I’m not sure if I can get her to focus, but it’s worth a shot. I’m nervous about melatonin because I’ve seen headlines about side effects–but admittedly I haven’t researched it at all. It also may be related to not needing a nap–so I’m not sure whether the melatonin helps on that front. But we’ll certainly bring the issue up with the pediatrician at her 4yo visit, if not before.

  • Rant/rave: whoever got 1525 Gales St (off the market in two days!) got an absolute steal. I’m jealous as hell and wonder how much cash they had to put down.

    Rave: Finally got my tax return after a long battle with DC OTR. Yeah, I was one of those who got a paper check delivered to the wrong address and nobody thought to tell me. Just getting and delivering the stop payment form was a colossal pain in the rear. It was honestly such a long process filled with so much incompetence I started to wonder if it was partially deliberate.

    Rant: Who knows how that return will look if they get rid of the mortgage interest deduction? I support reform but it’s also a big boost to people buying in cities with high costs of living.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed with all aspects of your last rant. I would strongly support reforms like capping the amount of the deduction and restricting it to ones primary residence, and weakly support eliminating it altogether even though it would increase my own taxes. I haven’t seen (nor tried to find, honestly) a serious analysis of all of its economic effects, but I think it likely benefits people in lower-cost/lower-wage areas at least as much as those in higher cost areas (not in terms of number of dollars, but in terms of ability to afford anything)

      • There’s no mortgage interest deduction in Canada. Sometimes I wonder if buying is worth it when you can’t deduct the interest. I mean I guess it still is because you’re paying down your mortgage, rather than your landlord’s, but still.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Interesting. Having read some posts recently (I think yours, but not sure) about the massive differential between the cost of buying vs. renting in Toronto, I can’t help but wonder whether it is worth it there, e.g., compared to renting and putting the difference between your actual rent vs. would-be mortgage in an index fund. This would require more knowledge than I have and more informed speculation than I can offer regarding the likely long-term trajectories of property values vs. rents, but anyway, it’s far from obvious to me. Just out of curiosity, are mortgages generally similar there vs. here, e.g., in terms of typical interest rate, down payment size, term, etc.?

          • Yep, and since we’re gaining equity in the house in DC we’re in rush to buy here. Our rent is pretty reasonable and includes all utilities plus parking and a locker so it’s nice to have a fixed expense there. No, mortgages are different too. They generally have lower interest rates, but you have to renegotiate them every one to ten years! I think in terms of down payment you pretty much have to put 20% down. They do have the mortgage insurance here, but I don’t hear of many people doing it. And I think if you’re buying a house for more than $1 million you have to put AT LEAST 20% down which makes sense.

        • May depend somewhat on how quickly property values rise. If property values & rent rise consistently, then have a fixed price over time (other than property taxes) has benefits.

          • Yeah, it’s the rate at which property values are rising that scares me…36% I think last year. I don’t know, I’m no financial genius, but that doesn’t seem sustainable. Meanwhile, our rent only went up $38 after the first year!

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed. That is exactly why I bought my house in DC, basically as a hedge against getting priced out when I could no longer afford rent. But as some have noted here, the amount by which the cost of owning exceeds the cost of renting right now in Toronto is batsh!t crazy.

          • Whoa, that’s crazy that rent prices are so stable, while property values are skyrocketing. Is there serious rent control at play? Or that’s just how the market works?

          • No, right now there’s only rent control on buildings built before 1991. However they’re about to pass legislation so it applies to all. I have heard some crazy stories where the LL doubles the rent. I think our LL is just nice, maybe happy that we pay and don’t contact her much, or maybe she doesn’t know because she’s older.

      • The mortgage interest deduction tends to only help relatively well-to-do households, those in high cost of living areas, or those with terrible credit. In order for it to make sense to itemize, you need to have $6,350 (single) – $12,700 (MFJ) in deductions. If your only write-off is mortgage/household interest and expenses (remember, a lot of deductions are “above the line” – student loan interest, teacher expenses, etc.; and many tax *credits* don’t require itemizing – EITC, various higher education credits, etc.), that’s a fairly large hurdle to jump. Average property taxes (nationally) are around $3,000/year. So even a single person has to have a mortgage balance (at 4%) greater than about $100,000 to make itemizing make sense. A married couple needs a balance of over $250,000. Remember, the median home value in the US is just under $200K. That’s a whole lot of flyover country where no home even costs enough to make itemizing worth it. Unless you have terrible credit and a much higher interest rate.
        I obviously take the deduction and run, but let’s not pretend that it’s some kind of massive tax relief scheme for low and moderate income households, nationally. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/28/realestate/mortgages-who-really-benefits-from-interest-deductions.html
        My preferred reform would be to make it an above-the-line deduction up to $50,000 in home value (can itemize to take more beyond that), and cap it at the national jumbo loan limit (currently $417,000), primary residence only in both cases. The rich are still going to buy homes and second homes and third homes and lavish homes…this would *actually* target moderate- and middle-income homeowners.

  • Rant: Moving is SUCH a pain in the butt. I need to spend the weekend packing, but I don’t have nearly enough boxes. Any tips on where you’ve picked up good moving boxes for free?
    Rave: New apartment allows dogs!!! FINALLY time to adopt a pup!

    • Trader Joe’s or another grocery store may let you take their excess alcohol boxes! Those are great for moving.

    • Craigslist, office supply, bookstores, free cycle. Grocery stores might work too.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’ve found neighborhood liquor stores to be a reliable source of good small/mid-sized boxes.

      • ditto to everything here. also if you work in an office (or anywhere that has a heavy duty printer) the paper boxes are very sturdy, and if you use the lid, they can be stacked easily.

        • Agreed. And boxes for copier/printer paper are smaller in size than many boxes, which makes them good for packing heavy things like books.

    • Fruit boxes at grocery stores–banana and apple boxes in particular.

    • For moving boxes, try the Freecycle DC Yahoogroup (you have to join it in order to view messages) and the Craigslist free section.

    • +1 for Trader Joe’s… the 14th Street location actually maintains a big stack of boxes right by the registers… You don’t have to ask them to prepare or hang on to them or set them aside for you… just walk in and grab some… that’s why they’re there!

    • I 1000000% recommend LendABox. It cost money (I did the studio/1BR package + wardrobe box for 2 weeks and it was something like $125) but it was absolutely worth it for the ease of delivery, packing, not having to assemble them, and knowing they were bug free (roaches love cardboard boxes)

  • Rave? Baby Artie was only up once at three in the morning last night. His moods were all over the place last night. I think he’s going through a developmental phase. He’s getting some new words and trying to pull up. Remembering that his little brain is lighting up like a ping pong machine as he tries to master so many new skills helps me to stay patient(er).
    Rave: I somehow managed to cook a delicious dinner and prep a casserole for dinner tonight. At least that will make this evening run more smoothly.
    Rant: Potential government shutdown.
    Rant: Grey, damp morning.
    Rave: Coffee, ricotta and berries for second breakfast, leftover ribs and palak tofu for lunch.

  • Rant: Silk(ish) Utility blouses (with the little tab and button thing to hold up a rolled up sleeve) with sleeves that NEVER stay rolled up. I don’t get it. It’s made to be rolled up! I’m gonna be in a battle with my shirt all day.
    Rant: All of my clothes seem to be in a current state of unclean. Stuff I thought was still clean and got put back in the closet…nope. Literally everything I pull out is icky.
    On a related note….has anyone used Cleanly? I have a $40 coupon and was thinking of checking them out since I can only do laundry on the weekends and it takes ages cuz my landlord’s washer and dryer are small and crazy slow. I have a lot of workout clothes though that I don’t want to ruin.

    • I used cleanly while my building’s laundry room was being renovated. They did a great job and it was so easy to do, but it was pretty expensive ($60-$70 for two weeks of clothes for my husband and me, not counting dry cleaning). You can specify wash and dry temperatures, whether you want scented detergent, bleach, or softener, or whether you want hang dry. My clothes came back great, though a few errant socks made their way into my pile and I may have lost a few socks.

      • I Dont Get It

        I asked about Rinse recently and got no replies so I may try this one. Do you tip the delivery people?

        • I just used Rinse for the first time and was very pleased with the service, but less so with the price. We did it because we had hosted guests 3 weekends in a row and were unable to do laundry, so we had a ton of clothes and wanted to just get it all over with. Since we were doing that, I threw in some dry cleaning and that’s where they get you. It was $70 for 40 lbs of wash, dry, fold and $41 for 6 dry cleaned items. I probably wouldn’t use Rinse regularly for laundry (because I feel guilty haha), but they did a great job. They show up and bag your clothes (texting you 45 minutes prior to arrival), your bags are yours to keep and reuse, then drop them back off. They seem flexible with whatever arrangements you want to make and even provide an over the door hook for you to leave your bags out if you’re not home. If I had unlimited funds, I would use them all the time.

          • Oh, I didn’t tip. There is already a delivery fee. Honestly I didn’t really think about tipping. I guess you could?

      • I Dont Get It

        and where did you get your coupon?

  • Rave: A competing law firm is trying to poach my wife for a leadership role and they’re really trying. They’re taking her to a nice dinner tonight and they even invited me!
    Rave/Rant: She’s happy at her current firm so it’s a tough decision and we don’t want to make the wrong one.
    Rave: So proud of my wife and I know the move up here was the right decision.

    • Could she be just as happy at New firm with a pay bump and more responsibility? What are the chances she’ll get a similar opportunity at old firm? How’s the work/life balance at New firm?
      If chances aren’t nearly 100% she’ll be offered a similar position at old firm, and she’d still be able to maintain a balance with more pay and prestige, I’d go New firm.

      • Yes, that is what we’re exploring. She wants to make sure she can handle the responsibility and that the firm is a fit, etc. It’s kind of an opportunity that won’t come again for awhile, maybe in three years at her current firm. Supposedly the work/life balance is even better at the new firm, which is crazy because her hours are very good right now.

  • Rave: Closer to finishing up a big project at work
    Rant: …then on the next one
    Rave-ish? Showing off the research study my colleagues and I did a while back in the midst of our organizations week highlighting research projects. Will be good practice for my presentation in a couple months, and this way, I’m surrounded by many other folks and maybe people will not notice or come bother me!
    Rant: delicate Reidel glass smashed as I was trying to clean it last night. And it belonged to my roommate
    Rave: I didn’t slice myself, I managed to get all the glass shards, and Amazon will deliver me a replacement (and an extra replacement!) tomorrow! Whew!

  • Rant: concerned that my choice of marble countertops is the wrong choice and now I am trying to get quotes for quartz just to see how much more that would be.

    Rave: brand new phone

    Rant: I haven’t figured out how to use it totally yet.

    Rave: Officially down 9lbs on my diet in one month!

    Wine & Bitch either Wed 5/17 or Thurs 5/18?

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW, marble is Consumer Reports second-lowest-rated counter top material, ahead of only bamboo. Quartz is their highest-rated.
      Consumer Reports is not infallible of course, but I find their advise helpful a lot of the time. Hell, they rated butcher block just ahead of marble, way far behind quartz, yet I have butcher block and I like it a lot. I’ll admit that it’s low cost and DIY-friendliness were its most important features for me (~$300 total and installed it myself!), and my wife gets annoyed with having to re-oil it every few months, but anyway, Consumer Reports rated marble second-worst behind even butcher block, ahead of only bamboo.

    • FWIW, I’ve heard marble is not the best for a countertop because it can get stained easily and it’s impossible to remove stains/imperfections. I’ve also heard that’s BS and if it’s properly sealed it’s fine. I personally LOVE quartz and want it in my next kitchen, but yeah it’s pricey.

      • I guess I need to see how much more pricey it is in my budget.

        • I was under the impression that quartz is cheaper than marble. May a win-win here . . .

          • I have no idea what to think anymore! :/ It’s overwhelming.

          • Depends on the quartz and marble. Yes, quartz can be cheaper. The problem my wife and I had was finding an affordable quartz countertop that we liked (looks wise). All the quartz we really liked was also more expensive than many marble and granite options We eventually found a quartz that fit our budget, but it took some effort.

      • I had plain old laminate counters in my last condo – no stains, no problems for 18 years. My current house came with cheap laminate that are still fine after 12 years. Not swanky, but certainly functional.

    • Emmaleigh504

      congrats on your weight loss!
      I would be up for Wine and Bitch on the 17th.

    • Congrats on the 9lb weight loss! Are you doing the no carbs plan?

    • Congratulations! I vote for Wednesday.

    • houseintherear

      just an fyi, I am getting quartz put in next week and using Counter Culture out of Wheaton, Md. I’m so impressed with them so far… it’s a group of fairly young people who got laid off from a countertop company that closed, and decided to start their own business. Hopefully installation will go well but so far they are awesome awesome awesome.

      • I will contact them as well! I have someone coming to my house Thursday with samples, another one coming on Saturday morning with samples and then the original person I was going to use for the marble install will be giving me quotes on what I like this afternoon. I really appreciate the advice!!

    • For Wine & Bitch, I vote for Wed. 5/17 — I have a likely schedule conflict for Thurs. 5/18.

      • Based on popular demand, Wine & Bitch will be Wednesday, May 17th. I’ll try to find a metro-friendly place that likes crowds and also has other things besides beer for those people who just want to drink and bitch. I’m open to all suggestions!

  • Rant: Missing the ex. I know it comes and goes. I wrote down all the bad things (and they were numerous) but still, these damned pangs.
    Rant: This gloomy weather isn’t helping.
    Rave: Exhausted and made it to the gym. Running 3 miles with relative ease.
    Rant: Gym was super crowded.
    Revel: I wish I knew the future.

    • Bah, I’m sorry about your first rant. I know everyone is going to be like “but it’s better that you moved on, it happened for a reason!” which may very well be true but it’s still tough.

      • Appreciate that. I keep forgetting how anxious I was during the last part of the relationship. Literally crying everyday and unable to function until finally I was done.

        Doesn’t help that he reached out the other day to let me know he missed me. Staying strong, though.

  • Rant: Litterers.
    Rant: Neighbors who can’t be bothered to pick up litter from their sidewalks and treebox areas. Not sure if they don’t realize it’s their responsibility to do so or if they just don’t care.
    Rave: My iris plants are going like gangbusters!
    Rant: Saturday’s high is supposed to be 91. In April?!? Ugh, climate change.
    Rave: Textcat is being snuggly.

    • UGHHHHH! Why, Saturday, why?! I’m supposed to help man a table at a Walk event scheduled for that day, many of these walkers are folks with chronic illnesses who may not be able to handle something like that in that kind of heat!

    • I saw two dirty diapers in tree boxes on the walk to work today. Again. They’ve been there for days.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Yard is exploding with color already! Home Depot had mulch on sale this weekend too, 30 bags seems like so many and then you get them home and still need more… Also found a way to squeeze a few more bushes in, but haven’t decided what yet. Anyone have any favorite performers for this area that bloom multiple seasons?

    • Allison

      Not sure what kind of bush you’re looking for, but I planted a drooping leucothoe this weekend. They’re a native evergreen that has pretty good smelling white flowers in spring, and the leaves turn a brilliant burgundy color in fall. But because they don’t lose their leaves in winter, you never have a gap in the garden.

      • Allison

        PS, I planted the “scarletta” variety. Available at Behnke’s nursery.

        • Behnke’s! I remember going there back when I was in grad school and lived in the College Park area.

          • Allison

            I love Behnke’s now. I’m an official member of the fan club. Went to a lecture there on Saturday about planting using natives. They have lots of classes on lots of different topics, and they are free! We even got a $5 off coupon just for attending.

      • justinbc

        Looks cool, thanks! Not looking for anything in particular, just something to make the butterflies and bees happy and add more pops of color / texture.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Had a dream about being in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Ran into Jeslett who kept getting arrested. It was a funny dream. She also hit on one of her arresting officers.
    Rave: no rants

  • Rant: Been having a pain in the butt (literally) and it’s hard to stretch out my right leg…and I think it’s my sciatic nerve. Aren’t I too young for this??
    Rave: Recently discovered foam rollers AND, even better, the rubber ball with the pokey things on it. Feels AMAZING to roll over.
    Rant: A boss who always changes his mind. He’s now gone for a week and ahalf but, b/c he’s always changing his mind on policy, no one knows where we stand while he’s away! Super frustrating.
    Rave: Now have Ludacris rapping “Llama Llama” stuck in my head. 🙂
    Rant: Another group of interns graduating from my department today. In my time here, I’ve now seen ::doing the math::………………55 interns come and go. That’s a lot of people.

  • Rant: crap day yesterday. Car battery died and had to metro from woodley to west Hyattsville and then walk quite a while. The kids spent the first half hour with a sub
    Revel: I have a bunch of awesome little people
    Revel: Florida in 4 days!

  • Rant: Found two spiders in my bathroom this morning. After cleaning all day on Sunday. I’m not a fan of the little critters, but know they kill mozzies so… left them. Live and let live.
    Rave: Big work project was a hit with my boss.

  • Rave: saw MPD arresting a package thief at New Jersey Ave and Q St NW at lunchtime yesterday! A neighbor said he was in his front yard and saw the person steal a package from a few doors down (this is the 1700 block of NJ) and started to chase after the thief, but the neighbor was slowed down by a recent surgery and lost her. Luckily, the fleeing thief was apprehended by a nearby MPD car. When I passed by while walking the dogs, they had the suspect in handcuffs and a number of Amazon packages were stacked on the cruiser. I also saw a discarded box on the 400 block of R ST NW, so if anyone had packages stolen yesterday, you may want to get in touch with MPD.

    • My house had a package stolen on this block yesterday and we received a note from MPD on the door telling us to email them because they had recovered the package! Thanks for sharing the story of how it went down. I’m glad someone was actually caught for stealing packages.

  • Rant: (preface) I love my new job…BUT, I hate my desk/office set up. My computer is awful, it doesn’t play sound so I can’t plug in headphones, I hear babies crying all day (there’s childcare in the building), it’s kind of smack dab in the center of the room so there’s no privacy aside from a pseudo-cubicle set up, and my screen is way too small for the work I need to do (finances and excel – it’s a small square). I requested some updates and accommodations to make it more comfortable (sitting how I am long term will certainly result in pain), and it kind of fell on deaf ears. Really annoying, and disappointing because I like so much of the other stuff but feeling comfortable where you physically work is kind of significant.

    Rave: I do love my new job, and I am thankful for it.
    Rave: I joined Orangetheory and it’s kicking my ass but motivating as hell! Today I took a rest day but I’m excited to go back tomorrow morning!
    Rave: Booked all my summer travel and so excited for lots of beach time after none last year.

  • rave: an old friend just had a book published chronicling his experiences growing up as an ultimate frisbee player… I make a cameo in one chapter and although he takes a few “artistic liberties” with some of my background, I’m generally a heroic – or at least interesting – character in the story…

  • Andie302

    Rave: Officially booked the appointment for our wedding this morning 🙂
    Rave: Finished the half marathon on Sunday without issue. It was slowww and steady!
    Rave: On day 2 of 21 day fix and so far I’m not too intimidated. I managed to get up before work and do a workout, which is perfect motivation to make healthy choices today!
    Rant: I left my hair dryer at my parents house, and of course discovered it after working out this morning. ugh

  • Rant: I finally realized that it is not normal to have stomach ache/pains as often as I do and need to find a specialty doctor. I feel weirdly anxious about this and don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?
    Rave: My new shoes. Finally stylish flats I can walk in.

    • HaileUnlikely

      My primary care provider referred me to Capital Digestive Care, a large practice with many offices throughout the area. I haven’t gone yet, because, honestly, I dread it. They’re supposed to be good, though.

      • I go to Capital Digestive Care and see Dr. Julio Salcedo for my Crohn’s disease. I like him a lot. They have multiple locations around the city that make it easy to schedule appointments.

    • I have seen Dr. James Frank (a gastroenterologist) numerous times and he is fantastic. I would highly recommend him.

  • Rant: I had to yell at the housedog today for destroying a toilet paper roll and then piddling on the floor. She is house trained but does this occasionally (only 10 months old). Owner (housemate) has not been a good dog-mommy lately. No morning walks, getting home at 8pm, and not making plans for her dog’s care in the daytime. We’re a house of 6 people, and we all love the pup and happily co-take care of her when we’re home, but owner is not making PLANS! She is just expecting someone will be home to deal. Which means, when everyone is busy, the pup is crated from 8am – 8pm. That. is. NUTS. It makes me so sad, and makes total sense why pup is acting out.
    Rave: Pup is adorable, and now old enough to come on jogs with me. I love it and she seems to, also! And I love seeing other walkers smile when they see her.
    Rant: Why is it so hard to get lean? I am so active, yet I can’t lose any fat. Dexa scan had me at 30% bf, which is crazy considering I go to crossfit 6x/week, run 4miles daily, and eat (mostly) clean. Ugh.
    Rave: I may hate to admit this, but I really like my crossfit gym. It is low-key, focused on form, and convenient to my house. I had a groupon for the first month, and planned on quitting after, but now im sucked in. I signed up for 6 months and i’m excited to progress.
    Rave: Bad Saint was AMAZING!! I had probably one of the best curries of my life. It was SO flavorful and unique – savory, tangy, complex. Apparently the secret ingredient was vinegar. This place is worth the hype (and wait)!

    • Re the first rant: that is completely unacceptable and i would like to publicly shame the dog’s owner. (Bad owner! Bad!) Thank you for picking up her slack.

      • I try! We go on lots of walks/jogs, and I even take pupper to work with me (which, in itself is a very lucky situation that its even possible). This week my office is doing some construction, so I can’t bring her — but even so, owner has made no alternative plans for her dog’s daytime care. I think I need to have a real discussion with her. Its not fair to any of us (pup is acting out, peeing on the floor, and very hyper which is stressful for all the housemates).

    • Do you think you should throw in a rest day now and then? That’s a lot and the lack of recovery time may be holding you back.

  • Rant: Long week at work with a bunch of mundane must-do’s that are not want-do’s. That’s why they called it work I guess.

    Rave: Playoff hockey.

    Rant: Text me back woman!

    Rave: Good workout planned for tonight. I do not look cool working out.