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  • Anonymous

    Why is the picture quality so bad?

    • navyard

      Through a window + rain is my guess. It looks as if the man’s features were intentionally blurred to protect his privacy!

      • textdoc

        That’s what it looked like to me… so then I was confused as to why the OP was sharing the video with the PoPulace in the first place.

        • CivilianJustice

          I think it was the rain. I know the people who got the video–they didn’t blur his face. They want to catch this guy.

          • textdoc

            Maybe someone will recognize him by his general build and the semi-broken purple umbrella. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is going to recognize his face from this video .

          • Anon NS

            There is a moment at the end where his face is clearer, I think.

  • Mike

    This looks like the guy I caught stealing packages off my front steps (1400 block of Belmont) a couple weeks ago. He was with another guy (both 20-something white males). I yelled at and chased them into Meridian Hill Park. I then decided to not pursue them further into the park. I called the police and registered a report. Then, a week or so later while walking my dog, I saw two men that I’m 90 % sure were the same guys walking in the ally between Belmont and Chaplin. One of them was carrying a big bag. I asked them if they were stealing packages. They then started walking very fast north toward Columbia Heights.

  • mona

    I guess package stealing is getting gentrified as well

    • kate

      I used to have packages stolen when I lived in Woodley Park. The package thieves are not picky about geography or level of poshness.


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