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  • Ehdc

    Ok I normally hate speed cameras but this one is necessary and I’m glad to see it as a remembrance.

  • Poor Guillermo, I somehow missed this story last year. I live down the street and wondered what had happened to him. I was always afraid something like this would happen because Irving is a very busy street, and he roamed quite a bit and was very bold about crossing back and forth. (I’ve seen two other dead cats in the street in the last 10 years.) My own Guillermo story: my neighbors let me know that Guillermo was stuck on the roof (!) of the house all the way at the end of our row. No idea how he got up there, but he was stuck all day and didn’t seem to know how to get down. So I went up on my roof deck and called to him, and he immediately came running over. I had to bring him down through the house in a cat carrier (which he was VERY unhappy about) because he and our own cat were mortal enemies.

  • textdoc

    I had forgotten about Guillermo — what a sad story that was.

  • bruno

    Major texting while speeding on that escarpment. Was kitty a victim?

  • textdoc
    • textdoc

      Oops — I meant that to be a reply to Bruno’s post.


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