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New Ben’s Wizards Mural Rises on U Street

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2017 at 10:00 am 23 Comments

Now you’re talking! LicensedStatustician notes “Nomo Cosby”, who came down along with Obama and others back in January. You can still vote for the permanent replacements here. In the meantime – go Wizards!

  • this is awesome

  • Queue Street

    That should be the permanent mural. Can’t top that. Go Wiz!!!

    • Anon

      Yes yes yes!

  • SWChick

    I am a HUGE basketball fan and my friends and I are over the moon regarding this mural! #DCRising #DCorNOTHING

  • Effie

    ehhh.. ok for now.. but still believe that Chuck Brown needs to be permanently be on there, not just for his importance within the dc community, but his influence around the world.

  • Anon

    I’m a huge sports fan, but…ugh. Missed opportunity. We are in politically insane times, and I’m sure it’s a rare Bens customer who doubles as a Trumpeter. I would have liked something a little more politically conscious and hopefully supporting of women and minorities.

    • DCMau5

      what makes you think Trump folks don’t eat at Ben’s? by the looks of the lines, out of towners are ones keeping this business afloat.
      They should add a few Caps players too

    • Anon

      These are all temporary – they are voted in via an online poll. Blame DC residents for choosing this particular mural. (Well, Wizards fans…)

      • Truxton Thomas

        Was this temporary installation up for a vote? I thought that was for the permanent mural. I don’t really follow the Wizards, but I’m down with a little home team playoff hype for a franchise that doesn’t make it there often.

        • Anon

          Perhaps I’m wrong on the temp voting, but here’s some more info about this particular mural:
          “The mural of D.C.’s backcourt, designed by local artist and Wizards fan Robert Generette III, is going up in support of the beginning of the Wizards NBA Playoff run, starting this weekend. The mural will stay up through early May, at which point work will begin on the final mural.”

          • Truxton Thomas

            Makes sense to me.

    • ST21

      I have the opposite view. Something like this is fun and refreshing to me. Not everything needs to “send a message”. I think it looks awesome too btw.

      • stacksp

        Yeah. I hope they dont politicize the final mural that will eventually replace this one. U st is a fun entertainment corridor and the mural should reflect that and not some “agenda”.

        • Anon

          I guess I wasn’t thinking of “hey here are some strong black women” as an agenda. More an acknowledgement.

          • stacksp

            I agree. Strong black women wouldn’t be political in my opinion.

  • stacksp

    Sweet !!!

  • AnonDC

    I hope they film it when they make the new mural. I’m so curious about how these are done. Free hand? Computer? Do they sketch it out on the wall beforehand and fill it in?

    I can barely draw a straight line so I’m super impressed with the skill here. It looks like a stylized photograph.

    • Anon

      For many, folks set up a projector to project an image on the wall and the sketch some guiding lines for the mural, then fill-in later with shades/colors/finer details.

    • Michael Pierce

      I believe they were sketched out using an iPad Pro and the new stylus device that works with it. Apple just issued a press release about how the artist (Rob Zilla) uses their tools to create this art.

  • Garth Algar

    i like

  • anon7

    This is a fantastic mural! The Wizards are looking the best they have in a decade. Also both Wall and Beal seem like really quality guys off the court, unlike the guy in the last mural.

  • MJL

    “The mural will stay up through early May, at which point work will begin on the final mural.”

    I hope they consider delaying the start of the permanent mural if the Wiz are still alive well into May. That’d be pretty bad karma to put it up to commemorate the postseason, only to cover it up mid-way through. Curse of Les Boulez, or something like that…

  • Reality

    I just want Obama in the final one! But am not mad about the Wizards, either.


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