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Metro Mutts closing retail operations on H Street Location May 14th

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2017 at 9:25 am 21 Comments

metro mutts h st popville
508 H Street, NE

Ed. Note: Metro Mutts closed their Barracks Row location back in April ’16. Around that time we also spoke about fears that Metro Mutts on H Street could be in trouble when Petco arrives.

Thanks to a reader for passing on from Metro Mutts:

“With a mixture of sadness, appreciation, and excitement for the future of Metro Mutts…

We are writing to let you know that Metro Mutts will be closing the retail store on H St on May 14, 2017, and putting 100% of our energy into Metro Mutts Pet Services – dog walking and cat sitting.

We have been through a lot in these 7 years. We have seen many of our customers arrive in the neighborhood and seen just as many move away. We have said goodbye to many fur babies in the neighborhood as they pass over the rainbow bridge, including our own store beauties and dear friends Meeko and Jenny.

We also saw the ENTIRE construction of the Trolley line built along H ST NE. Boy, that was messy. We have seen many businesses come and some go. It sure has been a roller coaster ride and we want to thank each and every one of you for your patronage and support over the years. For without you, we couldn’t have made it this far!

Despite the great outpouring of support that so many of you have shown since we opened in 2010, and especially over the last year, increasingly steep retail competition along H St and a lease that is up for renewal this year finally led us to this decision.

While we will miss the store and the regular face to face contact we have enjoyed with so many of you over these last 7 years, we want to assure you that Metro Mutts Pet Services are here to stay! We love spending time with and caring for your mutts and meows when you can’t be there. Metro Mutts Pet Services will operate with no break in service. If you haven’t done so already, register your pet with Metro Mutts today!

Wondering about the future of the Spot On Training studio at 508 H St NE? Check out the link below to get some really GOOD news!

Please visit this page on the Metro Mutts website for more details on the Rewards Program, Frequent Buyer Program, the Closing Sale and (great!) news about the Spot On Training Studio.


Kelly and Lee Hartshorn, Anna Lappas-Collins, Batman, Hannah, and Sunny…and

The Entire Metro Mutts Family

  • dh

    On H Street, you can now buy pet supplies/food at Giant, Petco, Whole Foods, and City Dogs. The writing was on the wall for Metro Mutts. You will be missed.

    • LMatt_in_NE

      This sucks. Metro Mutts has far better quality dog food and treats than the Petco. I only use the H Street Petco for their washing station and clearance dog toys.

  • J

    Read their website, Looks like they are keeping their lease and switching to training 100% of the time.

    • Still “Despite the great outpouring of support that so many of you have shown since we opened in 2010, and especially over the last year, increasingly steep retail competition along H St and a lease that is up for renewal this year finally led us to this decision.”

      • anon

        Maybe Metro Mutts and Spot On Training (which is in the basement) have separate leases. Or they renegotiated to only carry on half the lease.

  • Rach

    I do most of my dog and cat food shopping online so I only went there when I was totally out of food, and Metro Mutts was the only store I could find in DC that carries the pet food I buy (Origins). The staff there was really nice so I’m sad to see them go.
    But, the silver lining is that Spot on Training is taking over the first floor (according to the email newsletter). I took my dog to their family manners class and it was soooo helpful! So a local business is still staying in the space.

    • thunder

      MOMs has Orgins dry food. I will miss Metro Mutts.

  • Anonymous

    The services (dog walking and cat sitting) will be in full force and not closing. Feel free to contact them for dog and cat services if needed

    • Elle

      DO NOT use their dog walking services. We had issue after issue each week and ended up finding a new walker after a few months. Issues included leaving our door unlocked, setting off our alarm, showing up on the wrong days, placing a choking hazard (chew stick they weren’t authorized to give our dog) in our dog’s crate, and almost loosing our dog. These issues happened time and time again. Despite raising each issue, their management did NOTHING to remedy the situation.

  • lizcolleena

    Ughhhh we’re never going to find our dog food now :(

    • Anonymous

      What food? Metro Mutts is working with City Dogs (3rd & H) to convince them to bring in the best selling foods from Metro Mutts so folks will have a local option.

    • MadMax

      Amazon, free shipping. I order all my cats’ food and litter there and it’s cheaper than anywhere I’ve found in DC.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        I would also recommend chewy dot com – BEST, most helpful folks I’ve ever found in an online store, they have pretty much everything you could ever want, free shipping over $49 (easy to do!), and extremely helpful and kind customer service – they’ll even fill orders for Rx food if you vet can send them the script!

    • anon

      Chewy.com has a lot of the brands Metro Mutts carries. I refuse to buy from anywhere except Metro Mutts because I wanted to support them, but in light of this news, I will be switching to Chewy now (after Metro Mutts officially closes). Will not set foot in Petco and probably won’t go to City Dogs either unless they start carrying Fromm.

      • Breezy


    • HoundMom

      Howl to the Chief carries all the same brands and MORE – it’s only a few blocks further! A hidden gem!

  • anon

    I am super sad about this. Been going there for the last 6 years and I live one block away. Everyone there knows my dog and she’d always be so excited to go there. It was a tradition of ours that she’d get to go to Metro Mutts after a vet visit for some treats (aside from our regular visits for food, etc). They will be sorely missed by our family :(

    • DogMomof2

      My exact sentiment. Been going to Metro Mutts for 6+ years. My older dog’s photo was on the monitor in thr store. They remembered our names. As soon as I saw Unleashed move in, I knew this would happen. That and the 1000 new “neighbors’ who don’t have the same H St family vibe. My two pups and I are very sad.

  • anon

    Not a pet owner but I appreciate small businesses in the neighborhood over big box stores – was worried about this store after the Petco and other pet stores opened nearby. Good luck to the owners, and props to those of you who frequented this store over other options.

  • Sarah

    We have used Metro Mutts dog walking for over 3 years, and anytime we ever had a question Darnita and Kelly were incredibly helpful and proactive. Including coming themselves for last minute walks when we were running late in the evening. Anyone who needs pet sitting or dog walking should definitely consider Metro Mutts. I’ll miss their shop on H street, the new pet stores don’t have the same character and warmth!

  • HoundMom

    While it’s sad to see more retail close on 8th street – pet owners can still walk a few blocks further to Howl to the Chief. We shop there regularly and they carry all the best brands – Merrick, Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, and Zignature! They also do delivery in the area and have a whole host of raw food offerings! We should support them so that we can continue to have a local small business survive!


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