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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for this Sentimental Bike Stolen on Sunday

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2017 at 1:00 pm 11 Comments

steve stolen

“Dear PoPville,

My bike ([email protected]) was stolen on Sunday, April 23rd from outside 3355 16th St., NW between 7:45pm and 9:45pm. It’s a Trek road bike, model 2100, locked with a Masterlock Key Cable to the fence outside of the Yorkshire Building on 16th. I received this bike 11 years ago from my uncle who has since passed away. This bike, “Steve,” and I have been through many adventures including multiple triathlons and several collisions.”

  • Tim

    Sorry to hear this and I hope it turns up! I’ll keep an eye out in the neighborhood. Just a future warning/bike security PSA: a cable lock alone is never enough to securely lock your bike up on the street. Get a U-Lock or metal chain.

    • elbeech

      Right. Never EVER EVER use a cable lock. Unless it to decorate your ulock.

    • danger dave

      +1000 – and any quick release parts will be gone quickly. Even ones with bolts go. Secure everything.

  • flieswithhoney

    You can also post to the Stolen Bike Registry, the DC NOVA MD Lost and Stolen Bikes page on FB and review Offer Up and CL for your bike. And file a police report. Best of luck.

  • bruno

    Friday 4/21, 8PM-ish, 1400 block of Euclid St NW — out my windshield, a cyclist peddles forward holding another bike in tandem to his left on his way. Was he stealing that bike? What should I do in such a caper?

    • TJ

      Probably. Call 911.

    • DCrider

      I do this all the time when my bike or my friend’s bike gets a flat tire, and several other situations. Bike thieves also don’t usually show up on a bicycle — the stolen bicycle is their getaway. Don’t distract the cops by reporting perfectly legal behavior.

      • Vicar

        I had this same question and got a lot of grief, but I think calling the cops is fair. How often is this not stealing? People argued a LOT over the issue.

        How often does this happen / do you do this? Is it in local urban trips or do you also do long trail riding? You don’t carry a flat kit?

        • DCrider

          No I don’t carry a flat kit because that’d also involve carrying a small wrench to unscrew the wheel bolts as well as a pump — not worth it when my average trip is 1-3 miles and there are ample bike shops around DC that have all the items I need to fix a flat. It’s just a matter of getting the bike there, which often involves me checking out a bikeshare and then ghost riding my bike to the shop (or my house or a friends house where I can fix it).

          But the real question is why would a bike thief show up on a bike in order to steal a bike? Ghost riding a stolen bike is just dumb because it’s slow and cumbersome.

  • JP

    I *may* have seen a guy trying to sell this bike on Columbia between Champlain & Columbia today at 5PM. It is possible he trying pawning it at the bike shop nearby. You might try calling them?

    I was chasing my 3 year old so I didn’t get a great look at the bike or the guy. But I though I heard him saying “bike for sale” under his breath while riding it. Unfortunately, I was not in the right time or place to do any (presumptuous) crime fighting.

    Good luck.

    • JP

      Sorry, Columbia between Ontario and Champlain.


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