Washington, DC

metro card stolen
Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

“Dear PoPville,

Is there anything I can do about someone using up all credit on a lost Smartrip? I usually bike to work and so take the metro rarely but have an automatic metro credit loaded by my employer. I realized my card was missing now (a month + after the fact) and on my online account realized someone has been using my Smartrip to commute and used up $60+ of credit from my card. Shoot! Is there anything I can do to get that money back? Smartrip customer service told me it’s not their problem since I didn’t report the card missing immediately while metro police told me that customer service would want to know and could credit me. I have this person’s whole schedule of trips and the stops they got off at, etc. and feel like they must have been caught on camera multiple times. Any chance I’m going to get my money back?


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