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Hilton Brothers Opening a New Spot on 9th Street Just North of U

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2017 at 10:22 pm 25 Comments

hilton bros 9th
2012 9th Street, NW

Gut renovation is already underway. The liquor license placard is listed for Garden State thought that name will change. Details are sparse from the placard but more details should be coming soon(ish):

“A new Tavern serving traditional pub food. Seating capacity of 63 inside. Total Occupancy Load of 99. Summer Garden with 97 seats. The Tavern will include Entertainment with a Cover Charge.”

  • FridayGirl

    They seriously couldn’t come up with another tentative(?) name? It’s like they walked by Garden District down the street and were like “Oh hey, remember that movie from the early 2000s? What was that called? Oh, let’s just write that down on our application.”

    • Anon

      I don’t see a problem with this. They needed to fill out the name, but didn’t quite have one ready. Or they did, but are now back-tracking following some blowback. Either way, it’s hard to get too excited about another Hilton joint – guessing this one will follow the exact same formula as the others.

      • SultanofShaw

        Unsure what’s not to like, Marvin and Satellite Room are really fun spots. Great patio at the former and good food at the latter. Brixton, while ridiculous on weekend nights, has one of the best outdoor patios I’ve been to with a solid happy hour. ($4 tecate tall boys)

        • Anon

          I’m not disagreeing – I just don’t personally see the need for another such spot. But I can totally see where they’re coming from: there’s a line to Brixton right past this spot many weekend nights – why not try to capture some of that by opening [ ]. It’s similar to Den of Thieves being right next door to Marvin’s (though I forget if DoT is still open or not).

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Or maybe one of them is from Jersey or the bar is Jersey themed. Honestly, who cares?

      • FridayGirl

        It’s not that I care *that* much, I was just saying! Yeesh. People were allowed to complain about three million times about the ugly Shake Shack building….

        • maxwell smart

          Okay but the Shake Shack building complaining was/is still warranted because it’s truly hideous and DC deserves better. Also, in theory, that building will last longer than the name of this bar. I’m much more annoyed about visual eyesores that I have to see everyday than the name of some bar I might go to once or twice.

      • d

        Or maybe one of them is in a band that recorded a song featured on the hit soundtrack of a movie of the same name. I dunno, just a possibility…

      • kallie

        +1, I immediately thought New Jersey – and not Garden District.

    • MadMax

      Hey at least with a phony name they won’t try to come up with some elaborate story about how the actual name hearkens back to some childhood blah blah nonsense. Oh who am I kidding, their PR firm will spin something out in a few months.

  • MadMax

    U Street definitely needed another Hilton place that’s just good enough to be tolerable.

  • wdc

    Speaking of, what was happening at Marvin on Saturday? There was a line down 14th and around the corner down U Street, around 4:30pm.

    • FridayGirl

      I saw that too! All I could figure was the grilled cheese social? (I looked it up.) But that seems extreme for grilled cheese…

    • skj84

      I thought it was Marvin Gaye day, but apparently it was Grilled Cheese social by Rockcreek Social.

  • anon

    What happened to the rumor that they’re partnering with Erik Bruner-Yang and opening a Korean BBQ place on U Street? Is it still happening or what?

    • That may happen somewhere but it won’t be for this space.

      • FridayGirl

        I haven’t heard about this rumor….

        • Grant Circle

          The rumor is is that the Hilton Brothers might partner with Erik Bruner-Yang to open a Korean BBQ place on U Street.

          • FridayGirl

            Darn, I was hoping there was more. Hahaha….

  • Anonymous

    The yellow building is another one they own. I think it acts as the rehearsal space for Thievery Corp, when they are in town. I’ve been there a few times for some low key shows and small dance parties. It’s very DIY. Haven’t been there in a few years, so I’m not sure what’s happening there nowadays.

    • Cherry

      Montserrat House… that place was super cool, I miss the events there.

  • Joe

    This looks like right around where the Montserrat House was…what ever happened to that place? It hosted a ton of shows and events like five years ago and mysteriously disappeared.

    • Anonymous

      Montserrat is the yellow building in the picture. The Hiltons also own that one. It appears that the red brick building with the construction wall will be the new spot.
      How many damn buildings do they own around here? I think they may own some on 8th too (across from Town).

    • MadMax

      A ramen place was supposed to open there and then the chef killed himself on opening day.


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