Flashback: May 4, 2010


Good Deal or Not? “offers every modern amenity” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 1911 2nd Street, NW. The flier says:

“Complete custom design renovation of 4BR/4.5 BA hm. Dramatic main floor entry w/ soaring ceilings, utilizing the finest materials and smart technology throughout, offers every modern amenity with creative custom finishes. gourmet cooks kitchen and breakfast room dining area features a dramatic two level ceiling and glass block mosaic wall all leading to deck and two car parking below Au-paire suite”

You can find a virtual tour here.

What do you think of that staircase? Wow, this is definitely a wild one, thanks to a Bloomingdale resident for sending it in. Do you think this 4 bed/4.5 bath is a good deal for $1,075,000?

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  • So while I don’t think the staircase or other aesthetic choices have aged so well, I’m sure that house is worth a lot more now…(and I think its a different color on the outside as well, if my memory serves me right)

    • Have no idea how far off the mark they are, but Zillow estimates 1,185,000 or so.

      • I feel like redfin is more accurate for DC – there, its going for $1.6m. given recent sales in the area, Id say it could go for that much (even with those crazy stairs)

    • Still the same color. Curious to see what the inside is like now.

    • “hasn’t aged well” – to be fair, a lot of people saw that coming from the get-go. It’s way overstyled and a seeming mismash of various ideas that don’t work well as a whole (aside maybe from being some seedy love shack).

      • Oof, I don’t think those stairs ever looked good. We’re not talking black granite countertops and beige everything. Industrial stairs in an otherwise traditional row home always looked out of place. And who would not only tile a huge wall, but tile a huge wall poop brown?

  • justinbc

    That yellow house across the street from this one looks awesome (from the limited views in these photos), let’s see more of that one!

  • I Dont Get It

    Reading the comments is interesting. What happened to some of those frequent commentators? Of course in my case it was about 4 usernames ago.

  • Has anyone tried to have these virtual tours and slideshows pulled down? It’s kind of disturbing that if someone Googles my address, the top hit is still a MRIS slideshow of the inside of my house from four years ago.

  • The mom in me loves those stairs (no way the babe can fall through, unlike my current arrangement), but ugh, that house was designed for a specific kind of person, and that is definitely not me. It’s such a beautiful house otherwise, and probably worth well over a million now.

  • Redfin reports the property sold 4 Jan 2011 for $849,500.

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