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“Brunch for a big group?”

by Prince Of Petworth April 6, 2017 at 1:15 pm 54 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lindsey Robinett

“Dear PoPville,

I’m planning a surprise brunch for my friend in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of restaurants in the DC or Arlington area. There will be about 15-20 of us, preferably bottomless. I have a few places in mind but just wanted to see what the PoPville community recommends.”

  • skj84

    The Hawthorne on U Street can accommodate a huge group, and has a bottomless option.

    • LJO

      I also had a brunch at Hawthorn for about 30 people and they were incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. It’s also a base price and let people use cards.

  • whovous

    “There will be about 15-20 of us, preferably bottomless.”

    All of you?

    • Mike

      I love it! To answer OP, Beacon!

      • LucyChong


    • Elvis’s Mom

      OK, snorted aloud at my desk. Well played.

      I recommend Lincoln – delicious brunch and good for big groups (harder if you want to actually talk)

    • Hill Denizen

      @whoous – only if it goes well.

  • 1301

    I’d recommend finding a place that does bottomless food AND booze (a la Agora), that way, at the end of the meal, the check splits evenly and no one feels cheated.

  • Nicole

    Agora is great for a group and bottomless. Medium Rare is a fun option but they only take a few reservations. District Distilling is fun for a group but not bottomless.

  • CapitalDame

    I second what @1301 said. My recommendations are Cava, Toro Toro, Agora, Mari Vanna, Cuba Libre and Ping Pong. Pouring a little out for Zengo now that its gone :(

  • anon

    Cava–bottomless food and mimosas are a quarter (if I’m remembering correctly).

    • anon

      By “a quarter” you mean $25? Or mimosa by themselves are 25 cents if you take the food buffet option?

      • CapitalDame

        mimosas are actually a penny a piece if you do the bottomless food option. Its not buffet, you order small plates.

      • LucyChong

        I would have never assumed someone meant $25 if they said “mimosas are a quarter”… interesting.

        • anon

          I thought it might be millennial-speak.

          • Anon

            That totally makes sense. $50 is a half, right?

  • Truxton Thomas

    The Local 16 roofdeck seems to handle large, debauched brunch crowds quite well.

  • Christopher Russo

    May God have mercy on your server.

    • FridayGirl

      Hey, as long as they tip well it may be their best party of the day!

      • Christopher Russo

        A party that size? Automatic gratuity alllllll the way. Take no chances!

  • AO

    Check out the Smith in Chinatown area…Had brunch there with a large group 2 weeks ago and had a good time and good food.

  • PJL

    A little different from the traditional brunch fare, but Masa 14 works well for large groups as well and it’s both bottomless food and drinks.

  • Mike

    Love Old Engine 12! Great for groups and great food and drinks!

  • Anon

    The Airedale in Columbia Heights always has tables available and has a fantastic back patio. Medium Rare in Cleveland Park has a great brunch, but I recall my friend for her birthday brunch saying they couldn’t take big reservations (but maybe it was just that day?) Dino’s in Shaw also has a great brunch, but never been there with a big group.

    • bents

      “The Airedale in Columbia Heights always has tables available”

      There’s a reason for that…

  • Effie

    Cava Mezze in Clarendon – great brunch options and lots of space for a big group

  • Dupont Resident

    Grill from Ipanema! We just had my daughter’s birthday party there and they are awesome with groups. Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan. Try the Caipirinhas. Also, Floriana on 17th St. has an awesome brunch and will do a set menu if you want.

  • PetworthGuy

    El Centro Georgetown – plenty of seating upstairs for large parties and a great bottomless deal $35 for bottomless food and drink I believe. They also have more than just mimosa or Bloddy’s – margaritas, tecate and a few other mexican drinks are included.

    • maxwell smart

      Would second this recommendation while also reminding myself to make a reservation to do this myself.

    • TX2DC

      14th Street location of El Centro too….

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Yup! My cousin and I went here for a brunch a couple years ago and damn! Amazing food, amazing drinks, and we were just the teensiest bit plastered!

      • JohnH

        14th St location seems a bit tight on space. Not sure where there’d put a table or 20 together. But it’s so dark down there maybe I forget.

    • eggs

      I love their brunch.

  • I’m not a fan of a brunch with that size group in a restaurant, as once you sit down you don’t really get to mingle and socialize with everybody. Also, it can take a long time to get served. If anyone has enough room in their home, you might just order in sandwiches, quiches etc. and have everyone bring a bottle. Or have a picnic.

  • TX2DC

    Alba Osteria can accommodate big groups and offers bottomless beverages.

    • Ava

      I second this, it’s at 4th & I NW

  • skj84

    Lincoln in McPherson Square can handle large groups, and offers bottomless. There is a buffet or you can order ala carte.

  • Anon

    Red Rocks in Columbia Heights has a few different bottomless options (just mimosa’s or all brunch cocktails) and they have great breakfast items as well as pizza’s on the menu. If you make a reservation for that size they’ll often give you the upstairs so you can feel free to mingle a bit.

  • CoHiKween

    Mission in Dupont! Bottomless drinks and food specials. $35.99 per person.

  • L

    Philos at 4th and Mass.

  • CoHi Resident

    Local 16! Great for large groups – just come prepared in terms of payment, they don’t split checks very easily

  • Colhi

    Maple in Columbia Heights also have a great brunch and will take reservations for large groups.


    Had my engagement party for 23 people at Beacon Bar and Grill. They have a 3 course tasty brunch and bottomless for a fixed price. Plus they gave us a private room because of our size, great service too. http://bbgwdc.com/

  • DCbyDay

    I do this all the time. Great places for big groups:
    – Urbana. They have private rooms. They leave the champagne bottles on the table. And the food is pretty good. We’ve bene there a few times with groups of over 20.
    – Mulebone. They have a space upstairs, but also just have really big tables and can accommodate large groups easily. Bottomless brunch punches, but be careful, they have liquor in them.
    – Lavagna can usually accommodate a large group upstairs, but book early.
    – Masa 14 & el Centro both accommodate large groups.
    None of these places have the best food you’ve ever had, but the experience is great and they all do large groups pretty well. That being said, a lot of places can accommodate if you book early enough. I’ve also offered to do price fix or smaller menus at places that normally don’t offer that just to make the servers happier and that usually makes the managers pretty happy.

  • Parkviewer

    Homestead on Georgia Ave – need to make a reservation.

  • ctk

    Woodward Table has a great brunch, bottomless options, and a private dining room that can easily accommodate 15-20. I did this a few years ago and it was terrific.

  • Andie302

    Can’t believe no one said Ambar yet – although might be tough for that big of a group. It’d be worth a call to see!

  • Tom

    A friend of mine set up a brunch for, like, 20 of us at 21M Lounge (2033 M St. NW) about a year and a half ago. I can’t remember if it was super pricey or not (blame the bottomlessness for that one), but the food was pretty decent and they did a great job handling a large group—and a boisterous one at that. Tip your server more than you usually would, especially if one member of your party physically gets up and grabs the champagne bottle from the server’s stand when s/he thinks no one’s looking. (Yeah, that happened…)

  • eggs

    I’ll point out that doing bottomless drinks (i.e., pay one set price for as many as you want) is illegal in VA, so you won’t find that (or at least, you shouldn’t find that) in Arlington. Many places offer deals on mimosas to go with bottomless food, or “buy an entree get mimosas for a dollar” deals, but truly bottomless isn’t a thing.

  • WanderingWahoo

    Ankara always has room, is convenient to the Dupont metro, and has a nice outdoor space. The food is good and a nice change of pace from traditional brunch fare. Service can be hit or miss, but never terrible.

  • Eliza Young

    Big Bear Cafe (Bloomingdale) rents out their private tented side patio for brunches on the weekend. They have the most amazing housemade quiche, pastries and salads and can do a bottomless beverage package for you. It’s a really lovely spot, especially in the Spring and Fall!

  • JohnH

    Lauriol Plaza does brunch – definitely not a traditional brunch, but can also order off the regular menu. Eggs benedict is def not something to get there, but they do the Mexican items pretty well. It’s reasonably priced and easy to get a table that big – and can be on the roof or inside.
    I know Lauriol Plaza is a hot button restaurant – but I don’t think a lot of your “big group” options are going to be high-quality food/service types of places…

  • Alex

    Echoing the calls for Local 16. If the weather is warm, D.C. Reynolds is also great (the patio is nice).

  • Anon



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