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“Bike down 14th St on Tuesday, April 11 from 7:30 am until approximately 9:30 am for a free cup of Joe”

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm 10 Comments

Photo of 14th and Q Street, NW by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

From The Bike Rack in partnership with Peregrine Espresso:

“Tuesday: Commuter Coffee

We’re having a special Tuesday edition of Commuter Coffee this month. We couldn’t miss this weather! Bike down 14th St (at Q) on Tuesday, April 11 from 7:30 am until approximately 9:30 am for a free cup of Joe on us.”

  • aa

    this is a super nice thing

    but somehow I read it as “a bike was down (like crashed) for two hours somewhere on 14th.

    Reading is hard sometimes.

  • northeazy

    I NEVER understood this. I bike all the time. I cna do many things while biking. I can bike with n o hands. I can talk on the phone. I can text. I can eat. I can drink water. You know what I can’t do though? Drink scalding hot coffee! So that means I need to stop. On my way to work. Which usually requires me to be there at a certain time. So anyone here done this? Do you get off your bike and drink coffee for 15 minutes on the sidewalk?

    • Mark

      Texting while riding your bike is a really bad idea.

    • maxwell smart

      “I can bike with no hands. I can talk on the phone. I can text.” I’ve never been able to master the art of biking with no hands. One hand, yes. Zero hands, no.

    • JoDa

      They will put the coffee in your mug. Buy a Contigo/other high-quality spill-proof hot beverage container, fill, toss in bag/bottle holder, go to work, enjoy free hot coffee.

      • welshie

        +1 I do this every time I hear about it. It’s a great start to the day and it’s sooo delicious- especially compared to the swill at my work!

        Oh, and this should go without saying, but please don’t be that person that texts while biking. You give us cyclists a bad reputation.

    • flieswithhoney

      From one cyclist to another, please don’t bike and use your phone or headphones. You may think you’re paying enough attention but you’re not. Thank you. And Bike Rack is totally cool with filling up a travel coffee mug and riding away.

      • z9

        + infinity.

        Car, bike, wagon, whatever: no one should be on the road wearing headphones or distracted using a device.

    • spookiness

      Most people probably can’t bike holding a hot cup of coffee, but I think maybe the objective is social.

      • Anonymous

        …and commercial. It’s a form of advertising.


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