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  • carrots

    LOL at this picture…I can’t tell which plant I’m supposed to be looking at! I live right here and haven’t noticed any, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out on our walk tonight.

    • MadMax

      3rd one from the left, obviously

  • Robert Menendez

    Its grass.

  • I’m a botanist, and from this piss-poor photo I have no clue what these plants are.

  • bje22201

    Sorry for the poor quality photo. But, foxtail is a type of grass that has the seed heads contain barbs that can get stuck in your dogs skin, or worse inside their noses. So it is a type of grass, but if it is that specific grass and you’re walking your dog in it, it can cause a lot of pain.

  • yiribad

    Those could be foxtails and no, they are not piranhas. They won’t jump up and cause bodily harm to passersby. Let your dogs roll around in tall grass with any sort of diaspore and you got yourself some work.

  • Ben

    Those are orange coniferous. Specifically orange coniferous lineatus, typically appearing year round and can be attributed to construction waste. They are best to be avoided but are not poisonous.

    • jonah


  • dc_wanderlust

    agree not the best quality photo, but exposed me to a subject I had no idea about. the more you know. good article on how foxtails can kill your dog here: http://www.seattledogspot.com/dog-health-wellness/foxtail-grass-can-kill-your-dog/

  • Margaret

    If white, fluffy, and floating they are probably Cottonwood seeds. Foxtail seeds have a dried seed appearance and don’t float through the air like snow. (I’m assuming that that’s what the pic taker was trying to capture.) The reason why foxtail is so dangerous for dogs is how the seeds have adapted to spread — by grabbing on to something and then wreaking havoc on skin, lungs, and any other soft tissue that the seed comes in contact with. So, I’m going to assume that something that is white, fluffy, and floating through the air is not foxtail, because that’s not how the seeds disperse themselves.

    Foxtail & dogs: http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/foxtail-grass-and-your-dog#1

    Cottonwood: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Populus_deltoides

  • asdf

    Those are traffic cones. Usually harmless to people and pets.

    • Kevin


    • Jensen

      Ben beat you to that one.


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