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About those Helicopters You Heard Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2017 at 9:30 am 5 Comments

copter spot light

From MPD:

“After a Mt. Ranier Police officer was assaulted, Mt. Ranier PD pursued a vehicle into DC. The vehicle stopped at 14th and Hamilton and the four occupants fled on foot. 4D units responded to assist and apprehended three individuals. One suspect was able to flee from apprehension and remains at large. The only description we have for this individual is a young Hispanic male. During this event, numerous police resources were deployed in the area to include MPD’s helicopter.”

Ed. Note: The helicopter was heard in Petworth, 16th Street Height, Brightwood and Brightwood Park.

  • GrantCircle

    Saw this guy fly by in a Honda Element with only three wheels remaining going west on Webster at 5th. Sparks were flying and I could hear the scraping through my double-paned windows before I saw him zoom by.

    There was only one police cruiser behind him at the time. Helicopter was visible in the sky northwest of Webster and 5th maybe five minutes later.

    • 20011

      Yup. We saw the car fly down Hamilton Street and cross 13th with one police car following close behind. Back tire was out and we heard the scraping/saw the sparks. The car turned down the alley off of Hamilton between 13th and Georgia, came back across 13th on Gallatin and then turned north up the alley to Hamilton near 14th and fled on foot. Lots of police vehicles and helicopters. We thought we heard two pops (like gunshots) when they abandoned the vehicle, but could be wrong. We asked two officers who said all the MPD officers were unharmed.

  • Anon

    Thanks for update. Was serious concerned wondering why the chopper was circling around my house for 30 minutes with the spotlight… Glad they caught 3 of them.

    Whats the best way to find out current info and updates on situations like this?

  • Katie

    We heard/saw a high speed chase last night shortly before the helicopter, at Buchanan and 16th. We could hear the car dragging (very loud metal scraping sound, squealing wheels and motor revving) with two or three cop cars in pursuit. The chase continued north on Piney Branch from Buchanan. They must’ve been chasing these dudes for a while down a lot of side streets.

  • [email protected]

    My surveillance camera last night at 10:40 PM picked up officers walking through my backyard last night, car spotlights shining from the alleyway and what appears to be a helicopter also shining down a spotlight in my backyard. Cool. Unfortunately, one camera watching the alleyway between Hamilton and Gallatin’s battery is dead, I just ordered a replacement for it. I wish I had done it earlier if it could have possibly helped out.


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