Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

My front porch is supported by two columns.

The base of one of the columns (which I think is wood) seems to be deteriorating — sort of “sinking in.” (Possibly termite damage?? I haven’t had it looked at yet.)

Regardless of what’s causing the damage… what kind of contractor (or contractors?) do I get to look at it and possibly fix it? I’m worried that if the column itself has sunk — and/or continues to sink — it could make the porch roof imbalanced and possibly strain it.


If the problem was with the porch roof itself, I’d get a roofer… but I’m not sure what kind of contractor I should get to look at the columns. A structural engineer seems like too much… would a carpenter be sufficient?

I’m including three photos — two of the damaged column base, and one of the undamaged column base for comparison.




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