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“This bike is like if your childhood beach cruiser grew up, studied abroad, and now works at a cool nonprofit”

by Prince Of Petworth March 3, 2017 at 1:45 pm 15 Comments


Thanks to JoAnna for passing on from Craigslist:

“Lucky Linus Dutchi 1 – $420

A beautiful Linus for spring! This bike is like if your childhood beach cruiser grew up, studied abroad, and now works at a cool nonprofit. It’s a size Medium (45.5cm/18” – 700C wheel), super lightweight, feels like riding in a Cadillac (perfect for a beginner!).

It has been ridden a total of 1.3 miles EVER, from the store to my house–I won it in a raffle at last year’s Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival and it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. But it is a good luck charm :)

• Durable Hi Tensile steel frame with Chromoly down tube
• Genuine leather grips
• Shimano coaster brake (single speed)
• Mid-century alloy bell that sounds like angels singing
• Painted steel fenders with retro brackets and stainless steel braces

Bonus: it’s from BicycleSPACE and still has half a year warranty if you ever need a tune up.”

So – good deal or not?

  • Frank

    She wants full retail price for a year old bike. She should ask $250 and be glad to get it.

    • Pleasanter

      I tend to agree.

  • anon

    This bike retails for $439, so if saving $19 is your thing, then great deal!

  • Anonymous

    Not a good deal. I understand it’s practically brand new but if I’m only saving $19 then I’m just gonna go for brand new. I’d say as a general rule you’ve got to give me at least 10% off retail to get me interested.

  • CatieCat

    Love my dutchi! But also agree, it’s used and you got it for free, maybe take $100 off?

  • Pleasanter

    Also, if this person wanted to make some money off of it, she probably should have left out the part where she got it for free.

    • James W.

      Well, yeah. Even so, it’s a year old and they’re overpriced when new. No reason a steel-framed fixie should cost more than a couple hundred bucks.

      • anonabeer

        a) you are correct that this is overpriced and they are overpriced when new
        b) this is not a “fixie”
        c) yes there is

        • James W.

          somehow I’m picturing Fred Armisen’s “I’m on a bike!” hipster here… i see now it’s got a coaster brake, but thanks for lecturing a 30+ year daily cyclist. i’ll stick by my final comment.

  • spookiness

    In agreement with everything said. Nice, but slightly overpriced even when new. Way overpriced if preowned, even if barely ridden.

  • Michael Pierce

    Will I be forced to listen to the bike tell annoyingly uninteresting stories about how it took a year off after college and backpacked across Europe? Did it also hike all the way to Machu Pichu?

  • Hill Denizen

    Wait, you got this for free and now you want to make $400+ on it? Get over yourself. Even if you sold it for $100 you’d be making a decent chunk of change through no effort at all.

  • Hstreeter

    So the bike’s parents pay its rent?

    • Victoria

      HA! It probably also says things like “Plants are SO hot right now.”

  • Another JoAnna

    Not related to the bike, but my name is also JoAnna with a capital A! Never in my life have I seen someone else with it spelled this way!


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