The Bullpen opens Friday for Nats Preseason Game vs Red Sox


From a press release:

“The Bullpen is thrilled to announce that it will be open for the 2017 season. The venue begins the season on Friday, March 31st at 1pm for the Nationals v. Red Sox Preseason game at Nats Park. On Monday, April 3rd, The Bullpen will be open at 10am for the Washington Nationals’ home opener against the Miami Marlins.

DC’s favorite outdoor venue will have live musical performances from MSG and King Soul. Guests can grab hot dogs off the grill, daiquiris from the Bayou Daq Shack, tacos from the Surfside food truck, barbecue from the Due South food truck, and ice-cold drinks from the Bullpen Bar. As always, the Bullpen Happy Hour offers all drinks for $5 from the 3rd-7th innings.”

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    Friday sounds nice in concept, but it looks like it will be raining that day…

  • I just want to know why there aren’t any good bars to go to before a game in the area? Like (insert bar near another cities baseball stadium that serves cheap beer) has in (insert another city that you came from)?

    • Pickles Pub in Baltimore

      I’m not from there, but there were no bars around Shea Stadium when I grew up.

    • There are. But why in gods name would people prefer to be cramped in a bar when they can hang out outside, listen to music from a band, eat food truck food that is better than almost all bar food, and play games such as cornhole. It is why people continue to come to the bullpen. That environment is far superior to a regular bar pregame.

    • penguins9966

      I really hope this is in jest

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